Married to Medicine Los Angeles (2019)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Married to Medicine Los Angeles will give viewers a look into the elite and fast paced lives of five successful women, including doctors and doctor's wives living in Los Angeles. With an incredibly small and exclusive African American medical community to lean on, these women share a special bond. However, when circles are this tight, it's only a matter of time before paths and personalities collide. From juggling bustling careers and family life, to shifting rivalries and evolving friendships, one thing remains constant... They are all married to medicine. Read More



Episode 7: Straight Outta Beverly Hills
Episode 8: A Bond That Will Never Be Broken
Episode 7: Dog Tags of Summer
Episode 5: The Roof is on Fire
Episode 3: Jazzy's Dollhouse Brunch
Episode 2: Ghost of Girlfriends Past
Episode 1: ATL in La La Land