Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Marriage Boot Camp is turned upside down when reality TV's most notorious couples come knocking for help with their struggling relationship. Notorious troublemakers work out their partnership issues during extreme relationship therapy. Secrets, lies, fear and betrayal rule the house like never before, forcing Boot Camp Directors Jim & Elizabeth Carroll to pull out all the stops to save these relationships. Read More



Episode 10: Hip Hop Edition: Put a Ring on It
Episode 4: Hip Hop Edition: Shock to the System
Episode 2: Hip Hop Edition: Drop the Mic
Episode 8: Lovers & Liars: Ice Ice Baby
Episode 7: Lovers & Liars: Night Terrors
Episode 6: Lovers & Liars: Talk Dirty to Me
Episode 5: Lovers & Liars: Drunk in Love