Maron (2013)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Marc Maron has been a comedian for 25 years. He’s had his problems. He was an angry, drunk, self involved, twice divorced compulsive mess for most of his adult life, but with the popularity of a podcast he does in his garage and a life of sobriety, his life and career are turning around. MARON explores a fictionalized version of Marc’s life, his relationships, and his career, including his incredibly popular WTF podcast, which features conversations Marc conducts with celebrities and fellow comedians. Neurosis intact, Maron is uniquely fascinating, absolutely compelling and brutally funny. Produced by Fox Television Studios and Denis Leary and Jim Serpico’s Apostle, MARON is directed by Oscar® winning director Luke Matheny (God of Love) and executive produced by Marc Maron, Denis Leary, Jim Serpico, Olivia Wingate, and Duncan Birmingham, who also serves as the series’ writer. Read More



Episode 13: Bookend
Episode 12: The Bookstore
Episode 11: The Geographic
Episode 10: Amends
Episode 9: Shrink & Kink
Episode 8: Dave's TV Show
Episode 7: Philippe
Episode 6: Sobriety Bush
Episode 5: Marc in Florida
Episode 4: The 13th Step
Episode 3: The Field Trip
Episode 2: Marc's Roommate
Episode 1: Step 1
Episode 13: Spiral
Episode 12: Cold Turkey
Episode 11: Steel Johnson
Episode 10: Patent Troll
Episode 9: Anti-Depressed
Episode 8: Professor of Desire
Episode 7: Marc's Niece
Episode 6: The Node
Episode 5: Mad Marc
Episode 4: Racegate
Episode 3: Ex-Pod
Episode 2: The Request
Episode 1: Stroke of Luck
Episode 13: Desert Road Trip
Episode 12: The Joke
Episode 11: White Truck
Episode 10: Radio Cowboy
Episode 9: Yoga Teacher
Episode 8: Mouth Cancer Gig
Episode 7: Marc's Family
Episode 6: Nostalgic Sex Buddy
Episode 5: Boomer Lives
Episode 4: The Mom Situation
Episode 3: Therapy
Episode 2: Marc's New Friend
Episode 1: Marc On Talking Dead
Episode 10: Mexican Angel
Episode 9: Projections
Episode 8: Jen Moves To L.A.
Episode 7: Sex Fest
Episode 6: Sponsor
Episode 5: A Real Woman
Episode 4: Dominatrix
Episode 3: Marc's Dad
Episode 2: Dead Possum
Episode 1: Internet Troll