Marcus Level (2014)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: Zapped into his favorite video game, Marcus has to get through tons of levels and other shenanigans to beat the game and return home, with the help of two allies from the game. Meanwhile, the star of the game is in the real world, dealing with a babysitter. Read More



Episode 52: Marcus and the Colossus
Episode 51: Mega Hard Mode
Episode 50: Marcus And The Triple Ball of Fatality
Episode 49: My Best Enemy
Episode 48: Incredible But True
Episode 47: The Three Kings
Episode 46: The Heist of the Century
Episode 45: The Magic Lamp
Episode 44: Vipkrad Strikes Back 2
Episode 43: Vipkrad Strikes Back 1
Episode 42: Marcus and the magic rainbow
Episode 41: Gratrok the Magnificent
Episode 40: Pink Olympics
Episode 39: Mega Marcus
Episode 38: The good, the bad and the mule
Episode 37: Marcus Kart (ex Crazies at the wheel)
Episode 36: The sands of time
Episode 35: Darn Galleon
Episode 34: The show must go on
Episode 33: Where's Loumie?
Episode 32: The usual suspect
Episode 31: Debbings
Episode 30: Nanny sitting
Episode 29: Princess of the desert
Episode 28: Druid
Episode 27: Duel
Episode 26: The best
Episode 25: The pink boots
Episode 24: Marcus Hood
Episode 23: Ephi's land
Episode 22: Evil Cat
Episode 21: Competition
Episode 20: The Best Day
Episode 19: Dance!
Episode 18: Stroke of luck
Episode 17: The legend of Grimkrad
Episode 16: Cheater!
Episode 15: The seven light towers cup
Episode 14: Me first!
Episode 13: Ghost Vizir
Episode 12: Voodoo
Episode 11: Fat Aria
Episode 10: Pirates!
Episode 9: A faucet problem
Episode 8: Whose turn is it?
Episode 7: Doctor Marcus
Episode 6: Bobsled
Episode 5: The Bipolar Bear
Episode 4: The curse of the mines
Episode 3: Want to be my friend?
Episode 2: The Gruesome Ghouls of Galleon Island
Episode 1: My Kingdom For A Pony