M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994)


Genre: Action , Sci-fi

Plot: Miles Hawkins thought he had it all -- money, brains, a great family and a killer serve. A bullet changed his life. Left him paralyzed. Now, today, it's about to change again. Hawkins has invented a "harness." It's a piece of cutting edge technology with a headgear which allows the transmitters in the brain to bypass the spine. Translation: he can walk again. Actually, he can do more than that. He has more than he had before. Increased strength, speed, agility. The one thing he can't do is be normal. Either he's in a wheelchair, or he's in this techno-getup. Can't take a stroll in the park like you or me. What's he to do? At first a reluctant hero, Hawkins is drawn into a world of fighting crime because the violence which turned his life upside-down is doing the same to the world around him. While in the harness and headset, he assumes the identity of the Mantis and fights back. He's armed with a sophisticated array of hi-tech tools like the Chrysalid, a prototype police vehicle that can fly and go underwater. He's assisted by two people. John Stonebrake is his long-time friend and professional colleague who also happens to be the best man around for turning Hawkins' theories into nuts and bolts circuit boards. Taylor Savidge is a fast-wheeling, Gen-X bike courier who found out about the Hawkins/Mantis connection and demanded his way onto a team where an action junkie like himself can feel at home. Lined up in opposition is everyone else. The cops (including Detective Leora Maxwell who Hawkins is falling for) thinks he's making them look bad and want him brought to justice as a vigilante. The media wants to expose him. The criminals think he's bad for business. "M.A.N.T.I.S." takes place in a huge megalopolis on the West Coast. It takes place today. He could be in your neighborhood tonight. The Mantis... Read More



Episode 22: Ghost of the Ice
Episode 21: Ancestral Evil
Episode 20: Spider in the Tower
Episode 19: Fast Forward
Episode 18: The Delusionist
Episode 17: Switches
Episode 16: Progenitor
Episode 15: The Sea Wasp
Episode 14: Faces in the Mask
Episode 13: The Eyes Beyond
Episode 12: Through the Dark Circle
Episode 11: Revelation (2)
Episode 10: Thou Shalt Not Kill (1)
Episode 9: Fire in the Heart
Episode 8: To Prey in Darkness
Episode 7: The Black Dragon
Episode 6: Gloves Off
Episode 5: Soldier of Misfortune
Episode 4: Cease Fire
Episode 3: Days of Rage
Episode 2: Tango Blue
Episode 1: First Steps