Man v Expert (2015)


Genre: Adventure

Plot: Is it ever possible to shortcut your way to the top? Let's find out in Man v Expert. Each week, hustler Alexis Conran takes on three intense challenges, against world-class experts, to see if he can find a way to beat them at their own game - without going through years of hard work and training. In any normal head-to-head contest, Alexis wouldn’t stand a chance, but he travels the world to look into science and technology, and occasionally calls on his trickster know-how in an attempt to come out on top. During the series, Alexis sees a childhood dream come to fruition when he feels the pressure of a penalty shootout against the Premier League’s greatest-ever penalty taker, Matt Le Tissier. He also hops behind the wheel in his hometown, challenging London’ s legendary black cab drivers and their knowledge of the city to a race across the capital, and attempts to row his way to victory in a one-on-one kayak race against a five-time European and 11-time Slovakian champion. Alexis is driven by his ultra-competitive nature, and desire to win at all costs. But with his challenger none the wiser to Alexis’s tricks, and no guarantee of success when it comes to con artistry and illusions, it’s a true toss-up as to who will win: man, or expert? Read More



Episode 1: Episode one