Man About the House (1973)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Man About the House is a British sitcom starring Richard O'Sullivan, Paula Wilcox and Sally Thomsett that was broadcast for six series on ITV from 15 August 1973 to 7 April 1976. It was created and written by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke. The series was considered daring at the time due to its subject matter of a man sharing a flat with two single women. It was made by Thames Television and recorded at their Teddington studios. Two spin-off series were later made: George and Mildred and Robin's Nest. The series was remade in the United States as Three's Company in 1977. A film version of Man About the House was released in 1974. Read More



Episode 7: Another Bride, Another Groom
Episode 6: Fire Down Below
Episode 5: Mum Always Liked You Best
Episode 4: The Sunshine Boys
Episode 3: The Generation Game
Episode 2: One More for the Pot
Episode 1: The Party's Over
Episode 6: Come Fly with Me
Episode 5: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Episode 4: Love and Let Love
Episode 3: A Little Knowledge
Episode 2: Right Said George
Episode 1: The Last Picture Show
Episode 6: My Son, My Son
Episode 5: The Tender Trap
Episode 4: Never Give Your Real Name
Episode 3: All in the Game
Episode 2: One for the Road
Episode 1: Home & Away
Episode 7: Three of a Kind
Episode 6: We Shall Not Be Moved
Episode 5: Somebody Out There Likes Me
Episode 4: Of Mice and Women
Episode 3: I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me ...
Episode 2: Come into My Parlour
Episode 1: Cuckoo in the Nest
Episode 6: Carry Me Back to Old Southampton
Episode 5: Two Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Episode 4: Did You Ever Meet Rommel?
Episode 3: In Praise of Older Men
Episode 2: Colour Me Yellow
Episode 1: While the Cat's Away
Episode 7: No Children, No Dogs
Episode 6: Match of the Day
Episode 5: It's Only Money
Episode 4: And Then There Were Two
Episode 3: Some Enchanted Evening
Episode 2: And Mother Makes Four
Episode 1: Three's a Crowd