Malibu Country (2012)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: In Malibu Country, McEntire stars as a broke divorcee who moves her family to Malibu where she attempts to revive her music career while keeping her children from being corrupted by the city. McEntire will reunite with Reba showrunner Kevin Abbott, who will write and executive-produce the pilot, along with Mindy Schultheis, Michael Hanel, Pam Williams, Dave Stewart and Narvel Blackstock. Read More



Episode 18: All You Single Ladies
Episode 17: New Plans
Episode 16: Marriage, Malibu Style
Episode 15: Oh Brother
Episode 14: Bowling for Mama
Episode 13: Babies Having Babies
Episode 12: Adventures in Babysitting
Episode 11: Based on a True Story
Episode 10: Easy Money
Episode 9: Cold Shower
Episode 8: Push Comes to Shove
Episode 7: Merry Malibu Christmas
Episode 6: Bro Code
Episode 5: Not With My Daughter
Episode 4: Cash's Car
Episode 3: Shell Games
Episode 2: Baby Steps
Episode 1: Pilot