Make It Pop (2015)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Musical

Plot: What do an aspiring pop diva, a fashionista and a book worm have in common? Music! After being randomly selected to room together at Mackendrick Prep, Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki must learn to live together in harmony... literally. Can they achieve pop stardom in a school where academics come first and the arts come last? How will these rising stars balance music, grades, relationships and crushes? There's only one way to find out! Get ready for fun, drama, and musical comedy with a K-pop twist and an EDM beat! Read More



Episode 20: Really? It's Over?
Episode 19: Looking for Trouble
Episode 18: Im-Prom-Tu
Episode 17: Excess Baggage
Episode 16: Staged and Confused
Episode 15: Band Blast Off
Episode 14: Reality Bites
Episode 13: Get on the Bus!
Episode 12: Triangles
Episode 11: Scuttlebutt
Episode 10: Submission Impossible
Episode 9: Spring Fling
Episode 8: Fashion 911
Episode 7: It's a Twin Thing
Episode 6: The Mirror
Episode 5: Potato Power
Episode 4: Oh, Boys
Episode 3: My Way or the Highway
Episode 2: Robomania
Episode 1: Think
Episode 20: Heart, Courage, Brains
Episode 19: Dreams
Episode 18: Love and Detention
Episode 17: Eggs
Episode 16: The Curse of Reality
Episode 15: Talent Show Redux
Episode 14: The Tutor
Episode 13: The Troll
Episode 12: Fashion Truck
Episode 11: Mr. Chang
Episode 10: Homecoming
Episode 9: I Am Genius
Episode 8: The Campaign
Episode 7: The Situation
Episode 6: Popular
Episode 5: I Can’t Hear Me
Episode 4: Stolen Moves
Episode 3: Failed Dreams
Episode 2: Duet
Episode 1: Rumors & Roommates