Made in Chelsea (2011)


Genre: Documentary , Reality-tv

Plot: A Reality TV show documenting the antics and heartbreaks of a close knit group of twenty-somethings in London's most exclusive borough, Kensington & Chelsea. Read More

Next Episode 21x4 Date: Apr 19th



Episode 11: Ctrl + Alt + Delete Habbs
Episode 10: She Just Got A Bit Over Familiar
Episode 9: Crumbs
Episode 8: You Get Angry At Your Own Voice
Episode 7: I Can Get Hard If You Need Me To, Clive
Episode 6: Once The Sex Is Gone, The Relationship Is Gone
Episode 5: You're My Friend, But I Also Quite Wanna Kiss You
Episode 4: I Did Something Really Bad
Episode 3: With Great Rig Comes Great Responsibility
Episode 2: You're Leaving A Couple Of Vipers For Another Couple Of Vipers
Episode 1: 3AM Is Prime Time Booty Call
Episode 6: She Doesn't Trust Him To Be Around Me
Episode 5: 99% Of The Population Will Understand What I'm Saying
Episode 4: If You're Secure In Your Relationship, It Shouldn't Be An Issue
Episode 3: I Don't Care If It's My Battle Or Not
Episode 2: I Like Playing In The Danger Zone
Episode 1: I Need My Binky Back
Episode 15: Let's Get Married
Episode 14: I Have A Girlfriend... On Paper
Episode 13: I Wish I Was A Narcissist
Episode 11: The Dudelsack Is Out!
Episode 10: If Anyone Could Ride A Lion It’s Tristan
Episode 9: Let’s Break Some Bread
Episode 8: He Needs To Go To Better Lad School
Episode 7: He Must Be Great In The Sack
Episode 6: I Don’t Know How Many More Nails We Can Put In The Coffin
Episode 5: Who Brought Maeva?
Episode 4: I’m The Opposite Of A Narcissist
Episode 3: This Is Something That Chelsea Lacks – Common Decency!
Episode 2: Right, I’ve Got A Little Bit Of A Situation
Episode 1: Victoria, I Will Never Die
Episode 13: As Far As The Wrongest Thing You’ve Ever Done, This Ain’t That Bad
Episode 12: Some People Are Off Limits
Episode 11: I’m Gonna Meghan Markle Myself
Episode 10: Maybe Suck On A Sweet While I Tell You This
Episode 9: Sometimes When You’re Drunk, The Truth Does Come Out
Episode 8: I Need To Find A Tree And Feed It Chocolate
Episode 7: Can We Have Another Sexual Revolution Please?
Episode 6: She’s A Very Odd Bird
Episode 5: This Boy Is Getting In Between Our Friendship
Episode 4: I Was Like The Funny Nice Douche, He’s Just A Douche
Episode 3: She's Like A Little Slippery Eel
Episode 2: You Showed My Friend’s Mum Your Testicle
Episode 1: We Do Complicated, Don't We?
Episode 12: Episode 12
Episode 11: I Think The Best Thing About Christmas Is Once It’s All Over
Episode 10: I Was Too Blind To Hear It
Episode 9: You And I Have Gone Down A Very Dark Track
Episode 8: I’m Going To Redeem Myself And Make Sure Everyone Loves Me
Episode 7: Some Would Say That I’m The King Of A Gesture
Episode 6: You’re A Beggy Little Bitch
Episode 5: I Shan’t Be Climbed
Episode 4: Rule Number One, Never Give Back The Diamonds Darling
Episode 3: I Love It When You Get Deep And Dirty
Episode 2: I Hate When My Human Side Comes Out
Episode 1: If That’s A Slapped Arse Then Slap Me Now
Episode 12: End of Season Party
Episode 11: Darling, Sabotage Is Such An Ugly Word
Episode 10: It Is Baller To Be Bad In Bed
Episode 9: No One Wants To Shag Just A Personality
Episode 8: I Literally Just Tried To Talk Dirty In Latin
Episode 7: He Needs A Taste Of His Own Medicine
Episode 6: Don’t Look At Me When You’re Taking Your Pants Off Please
Episode 5: Therapy Is Therapeutic, This Is Not Therapy
Episode 4: I’m Tortoise Sitting For My Neighbour
Episode 3: Honestly, I’ve Never Felt Like This Before
Episode 2: Mimi Has Got A Boyfriend, Everyone Else Stay Calm
Episode 1: I Wanna Know Who She Is And Where She’s Come From
Episode 11: Who Do You Think Deserves A Good Whipping This Year?
Episode 10: I’m More Domesticated Than A Cat
Episode 9: Two Can Play At That Game
Episode 8: I Won’t Have A Buffet Until I’m Dead
Episode 7: We Don’t Need To Go Down Memory Lane Dude
Episode 6: Aluminium Is Not Really My Style
Episode 5: I Don’t Think You Can Have A Proper Relationship Until You’ve Had Your Heart Broken
Episode 4: The Boy Learnt To Walk In Loaffers, He Will Probably Die Wearing His Loaffers
Episode 3: Our Future Is Doomed
Episode 2: It’s Just Difficult To Tell Your Friends What’s Going On
Episode 1: I Don’t Like Vegans, I Don’t Like Feminists And I Don’t Like People Who Are Gluten Free