Love Thy Neighbour (1972)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Love Thy Neighbour is a British sitcom, which was transmitted from 13 April 1972 until 22 January 1976, spanning seven series. The sitcom was produced by Thames Television for the ITV network. The principal cast included Jack Smethurst, Rudolph Walker, Nina Baden-Semper and Kate Williams. In 1973, the series was adapted into a film of the same name, and a later sequel series was set in Australia. Read More



Episode 7: The Nannies
Episode 6: The Club Concert
Episode 5: Royal Blood
Episode 4: The Darts Final
Episode 3: Duel at Dawn
Episode 2: Jacko's Wedding
Episode 1: Reggie
Episode 8: The Big Day
Episode 7: To the Hospital
Episode 6: Two Weeks to Babies
Episode 5: The Ante-Natal Clinic
Episode 4: Eddie's Mother-in-Law
Episode 3: Working on New Year's Eve
Episode 2: Friendly
Episode 1: Hines' Sight
Episode 6: Barbie Becomes Pregnant
Episode 5: The Lift
Episode 4: The Lion and Lamb
Episode 3: Eddie Returns from Holiday
Episode 2: The Car
Episode 1: The GPO
Episode 6: Religious Fervour
Episode 5: The TUC Conference
Episode 4: The Bedroom Suite
Episode 3: Clarkey Leaves
Episode 2: Voodoo
Episode 1: The Housewarming Party
Episode 7: Sex Appeal
Episode 6: Refused a Drink
Episode 5: The Seven Year Itch
Episode 4: The Factory Dispute
Episode 3: The Petition
Episode 2: Limbo Dancing
Episode 1: The New Neighbours