Lost in Space (1965)


Plot: In the year 1997, Earth is suffering from massive overpopulation. Professor John Robinson, his wife Maureen, their children (Judy, Penny and Will) and Major Don West are selected to go to the third planet in the Alpha Centauri star system to establish a colony so that other Earth people can settle there. They are to go there on a ship christened the Jupiter 2. However, Doctor Zachary Smith, an agent for an enemy government, is sent to sabotage the mission. He is successful in reprogramming the ship's robot, but in the process becomes trapped on the ship, and because of his excess weight, the ship and all on board become hopelessly lost and it now becomes a fight for survival as the crew tries to find their way back home. Read More



Episode 24: Junkyard in Space
Episode 23: The Great Vegetable Rebellion
Episode 22: The Flaming Planet
Episode 21: Space Beauty
Episode 20: Fugitives in Space
Episode 19: The Promised Planet
Episode 18: Time Merchant
Episode 17: Princess of Space
Episode 16: Target Earth
Episode 15: The Anti-Matter Man
Episode 14: Castles in Space
Episode 13: Two Weeks in Space
Episode 12: A Day at the Zoo
Episode 11: Deadliest of the Species
Episode 10: Space Creature
Episode 9: Collision of Planets
Episode 8: Flight into the Future
Episode 7: The Haunted Lighthouse
Episode 6: Space Destructors
Episode 5: The Space Primevals
Episode 4: Hunter's Moon
Episode 3: Kidnapped in Space
Episode 2: Visit to a Hostile Planet
Episode 1: Condemned of Space
Episode 30: The Galaxy Gift
Episode 29: The Astral Traveler
Episode 28: The Mechanical Men
Episode 27: The Phantom Family
Episode 26: Trip Through the Robot
Episode 25: The Colonists
Episode 24: Revolt of the Androids
Episode 23: Treasure of the Lost Planet
Episode 22: The Cave of the Wizards
Episode 21: Rocket to Earth
Episode 20: The Space Vikings
Episode 19: Mutiny in Space
Episode 18: The Toymaker
Episode 17: The Questing Beast
Episode 16: The Girl from the Green Dimension
Episode 15: The Golden Man
Episode 14: The Dream Monster
Episode 13: Wreck of the Robot
Episode 12: A Visit to Hades
Episode 11: West of Mars
Episode 10: Curse of Cousin Smith
Episode 9: The Thief of Outer Space
Episode 8: The Deadly Games of Gamma 6
Episode 7: The Android Machine
Episode 6: The Prisoners of Space
Episode 5: Space Circus
Episode 4: Forbidden World
Episode 3: The Ghost Planet
Episode 2: Wild Adventure
Episode 1: Blast Off into Space
Episode 29: Follow the Leader
Episode 28: A Change of Space
Episode 27: The Lost Civilization
Episode 26: All That Glitters
Episode 25: The Space Croppers
Episode 24: His Majesty, Smith
Episode 23: The Space Trader
Episode 22: The Challenge
Episode 21: The Magic Mirror
Episode 20: The War of the Robots
Episode 19: Ghost in Space
Episode 18: The Sky Pirate
Episode 17: The Keeper (2)
Episode 16: The Keeper (1)
Episode 15: Return from Outer Space
Episode 14: Attack of the Monster Plants
Episode 13: One of Our Dogs is Missing
Episode 12: The Raft
Episode 11: Wish Upon a Star
Episode 10: The Sky is Falling
Episode 9: The Oasis
Episode 8: Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
Episode 7: My Friend, Mr. Nobody
Episode 6: Welcome Stranger
Episode 5: The Hungry Sea
Episode 4: There Were Giants in the Earth
Episode 3: Island in the Sky
Episode 2: The Derelict
Episode 1: The Reluctant Stowaway