Lone Star Law (2016)


Genre: Documentary , Western

Plot: "Lone Star Law" features the men and women of the Texas Game Wardens who protect more than a quarter-million square miles of deserts, lakes, piney woods, bayous, plains and coast in the second-largest state in the U.S. Whether rushing to investigate poaching cases, save flash-flood victims, disrupt illegal smuggling rings, or rescue injured wildlife, the officers are always on the go, defending both animals and citizens. Animal Planet expands its family of wildlife law enforcement series, adding to Maine's "North Woods Law" an offering that follows an elite patrol force in Texas. Read More



Episode 15: Blood Evidence
Episode 14: Hunter Games
Episode 12: Wild Riders
Episode 11: Guns and Meth
Episode 10: Caught in the Crossfire
Episode 9: Bracing for Impact
Episode 8: Actions Have Consequences
Episode 7: Sparking Disaster
Episode 6: Lake Showdown
Episode 5: Sunk In Seconds
Episode 4: Deadly Spill
Episode 3: Garage Gator
Episode 2: Marshland Massacre
Episode 13: Passing the Torch
Episode 12: Suspicious Encounters
Episode 11: Chasing a Dead Man
Episode 10: Tempers Are Rising
Episode 9: Caught By Surprise
Episode 8: Confessions of a Poacher
Episode 7: Anglers, Alcohol and Owls
Episode 6: Reckless Behavior
Episode 5: Thrill of the Hunt
Episode 4: Family Lies
Episode 3: Confronting the Captain
Episode 2: Stag Poaching
Episode 1: Wild Call
Episode 5: Liars and Trespassers
Episode 4: Sparks Flying
Episode 3: Bucks Collide
Episode 2: In the Crosshairs
Episode 1: Lying Dogs
Episode 11: Old Warrants Die Hard
Episode 10: Drug Run River
Episode 9: Bullets and Lies
Episode 8: Rattled
Episode 7: Shrimp and Run
Episode 6: Midnight Manhunt
Episode 5: Calm After the Storm
Episode 4: Deadly Conduct
Episode 3: Trashed
Episode 2: In Hot Water
Episode 1: Small Town Troubles
Episode 11: Pelicans and Poachers
Episode 10: Finding a Felon
Episode 9: Hunting Hunters
Episode 8: Crossing the Line
Episode 7: Panhandle Poachers
Episode 6: Wildcat Garage
Episode 5: Owl Gone Bad
Episode 4: Bucks and Bows
Episode 3: Back in the Wild
Episode 2: Stray Bullets
Episode 1: Saving the Herd
Episode 11: Wildlife Rescues
Episode 10: Red Flag
Episode 9: Poachers Beware
Episode 8: Fawn Stars
Episode 7: Boiling Point
Episode 6: Deceived
Episode 5: Wet and Wild
Episode 3: Seeing Stars and Stripes
Episode 2: Back Road Bait
Episode 1: Justice Served
Episode 10: Wild Encounters
Episode 3: The Eagle has Landed