Lock, Stock... (2000)


Genre: Drama , Comedy

Plot: Lock, Stock... was a 2000 television series off-shoot from the 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The series was shown on Channel 4 and starred Ralph Brown, Daniel Caltagirone, Del Synnott, Scott Maslen and Shaun Parkes. Lock, Stock... was Ginger Productions' first commission. The show prominently featured the rhyming slang of London's East End, making it harder for some viewers to comprehend. Read More



Episode 7: ...and a Good Slopping Out
Episode 6: ...and One Big Bullock
Episode 5: ...and Two Sips
Episode 4: ...and Spaghetti Sauce
Episode 3: ...and a Fist Full of Jack and Jills
Episode 2: ...and Two Hundred Smoking Kalashnikovs
Episode 1: ...and Four Stolen Hooves