Live Free or Die (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: "Live Free or Die" Looks deep into a group of 5 individuals trying to live free and "Re-wild themselves going against the grain in a modern age. To varying degrees leave the technical world behind,Hunting with primitive tools fishing, foraging, trapping, and building shelters with only raw materials found or traded for. Read More



Episode 3: The Tough Get Going
Episode 10: Slash and Burn
Episode 9: Hell or High Water
Episode 8: The Tipping Point
Episode 7: The Reaping
Episode 6: Sting Like A Bee
Episode 5: Out For Blood
Episode 4: Dead Zone
Episode 3: Killing Time
Episode 2: Force of Nature
Episode 1: Rising Waters
Episode 10: Forever Wild
Episode 9: Down the Rabbit Hole
Episode 8: Hog Wild
Episode 7: The Bears and the Bees
Episode 6: Rough and Rugged
Episode 5: Butchers and Builders
Episode 4: Do or Die
Episode 3: Blood, Sweat, & Tears
Episode 2: Trial by Fire
Episode 1: Rise of the Wild