Listing Impossible (2020)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Elite L.A. real estate agent Aaron Kirman and his team are experts at selling the impossible: lavish, multi-million-dollar properties that are still on the market due to the errors of stubborn homeowners. To sell these properties, Aaron and his team must be brutally honest with the owners and somehow convince them to follow their advice. Whether the d├ęcor is atrocious, or the property is overpriced, Aaron and his team are more than willing to tell wealthy homeowners things they aren't so used to hearing-all in the interest of selling the impossible. Read More



Episode 8: The House With Endless Hallways
Episode 7: The Flashing Neon Party Pad
Episode 6: The Purple Rose of Calabasas
Episode 5: The House on the 16th Hole
Episode 4: The Finest English Manor in Napa
Episode 3: The Best Castle in Orange County
Episode 2: The Marble Monument to Love
Episode 1: The Cold Box on the Beach