Listen Up (2004)


Genre: Comedy , Sport

Plot: Tiny, O-shaped Tony Kleinman and his mate, former professional jock Bernie Widman, still a popular womanizer, co-present a TV talk show in Philadelphia, mainly devoted to sports and athletes of all disciplines. Tony compensates his size by a big mouth, often cleverly phrasing but alas almost as often too quickly yapping, as all too often he only talks himself into more trouble, especially at home, where he faces a well-meaning wife, who happens to be 'always right' more often then a man can stand, especially as she isn't often really wrong, and a tomboy daughter driving anyone to despair, mouthier then him, devious, as assertive and selfish as only spoiled teenage girls can be, and convinced poor devoted dad is the scum of the earth, too embarrassing to take any notice of if it can be helped, and she can get away with an awful lot. Tony's firstborn, Mickey, is a darling boy, and a gifted golfer, but as meek as a lamb, as ambitious as a clam and as assertive as a punching ball: the absolute anti-macho, whose greatest joy is to please people, out of the goodness of his heart. Read More



Episode 22: Last Vegas
Episode 21: Ebony and Irony
Episode 20: Check Mates
Episode 19: Waiting for Kleinman
Episode 18: Couch Potato
Episode 17: Tony Whine-Man
Episode 16: Colon-Oopscopy
Episode 15: Inky Dinky Don't
Episode 14: Weekend With Bernie
Episode 13: Snub Thy Neighbor
Episode 12: Tony the Tiger
Episode 11: Enemy at the Gates
Episode 10: Mickey Without A Cause
Episode 9: Thanksgiving
Episode 8: Sweet Charity
Episode 7: The Gift of the Ton-i
Episode 6: Mickey Swallows a Bee
Episode 5: Quest For Fire
Episode 4: Cool Jerk
Episode 3: Grandmaster of the Wolfhunt
Episode 2: Hammer Time
Episode 1: Pilot