Legion of Super Heroes (2006)


Genre: Animation , Action , Sci-fi

Plot: The Legion of Super-Heroes of the 31st century traveled back to the early 21st century to try to find Superman for help of against powerful group of super-villains in their era. Unfortunately, they traveled too far back and instead finding a young Clark Kent who haven't assume his Superman identity yet. Taking him back to their future, Clark embracing his destiny and helps the Legion in fighting evil like Emerald Empress and upholding the laws of the United Planets before he can return to his own time. A new beginning for the Legions on the second season of the show. With Clark returns to the 21st century and began his role as the Man of Steel, The Legions realizes that they still need Superman within their rank. Enter a mysterious Kryptonian from the 41st century, appears to the be the clone of Superman, arrives to the 31st century to aid the Legions. Read More



Episode 13: Dark Victory (2)
Episode 12: Dark Victory (1)
Episode 11: In Your Dreams
Episode 10: Trials
Episode 9: In the Beginning
Episode 8: Message in a Bottle
Episode 7: Unnatural Alliances
Episode 6: Who am I?
Episode 5: The Karate Kid
Episode 4: Chained Lightning
Episode 3: Cry Wolf
Episode 2: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow (2)
Episode 1: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow (1)
Episode 13: Sundown (2)
Episode 12: Sundown (1)
Episode 11: Chain of Command
Episode 10: Child's Play
Episode 9: The Substitutes
Episode 8: Lightning Storm
Episode 7: Brain Drain
Episode 6: Fear Factory
Episode 5: Champions
Episode 4: Phantoms
Episode 3: Legacy
Episode 2: Timber Wolf
Episode 1: Man of Tomorrow