Legendary Locations (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Josh Gates goes on an awe-inspiring journey to the most storied places on the planet. At each breathtaking destination, he immerses himself in the legends that made them famous. From the Yucatan Maya's bizarre worship rituals to soaring like a god from Greece's Mount Olympus, Josh explores these magical places through his unique point of view. Read More



Episode 13: Fight or Flight
Episode 12: Man vs. Nature
Episode 11: Vocation, Vocation, Vocation
Episode 10: Can You Dig It?
Episode 8: About Time
Episode 7: Flesh and Blood
Episode 6: What Lurks Within
Episode 5: Slave to Love
Episode 4: Truth or Consequences
Episode 3: Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 2: End of the World
Episode 1: Out of This World
Episode 14: Fire of the Gods
Episode 13: Angels or Demons?
Episode 12: Pi-Rat Paradise
Episode 8: Places of Power