Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath (2016)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Leah Remini, along with high level former Scientology executives and Church members, explores individual accounts from ex-Church members and their families through meetings and interviews with Leah. Each episode features stories from former members whose lives have been affected by the Church's harmful practices, even well after they left the organization. Read More



Episode 12: Waiting for Justice
Episode 11: Church and State
Episode 10: Buying a Town (2)
Episode 9: Buying a Town (1)
Episode 8: Gilman Springs Road
Episode 7: The Collection Agency
Episode 6: Ideal Orgs
Episode 5: Where is Shelly?
Episode 4: Unlikely Pairing
Episode 3: Spies Like Us
Episode 2: Star Witness
Episode 1: Emotional Aftermath
Episode 14: Ask Me Anything Season 2
Episode 13: The Life & Lies of L. Ron Hubbard
Episode 12: Propaganda Arms
Episode 11: Aftermath of the Aftermath
Episode 10: Lifetime of Healing
Episode 9: The Business of Religion
Episode 8: The Greatest Good
Episode 7: The Ranches
Episode 6: Scientology and Celebrity: The Betrayal of Paul Haggis
Episode 5: The Rise of David Miscavige
Episode 4: The Bridge to Total Freedom
Episode 3: The "Perfect" Scientology Family
Episode 2: The Ultimate Failure of Scientology
Episode 1: Thetans in Young Bodies
Episode 8: Ask Me Anything (2)
Episode 7: Enemies of the Church
Episode 6: Auditing
Episode 5: Golden Era
Episode 4: A Leader Emerges
Episode 3: The Bridge
Episode 2: Fair Game
Episode 1: Disconnection