Lawman (1958)


Genre: Western

Plot: Lawman is an American western television series originally telecast on ABC from 1958 to 1962 starring John Russell as Marshal Dan Troop and featuring Peter Brown as Deputy Marshal Johnny McKay. The series was set in Laramie, Wyoming during 1879 and the 1880s. Warner Bros. already had several western series on the air at the time, having launched Cheyenne with Clint Walker as early as 1955. The studio continued the trend in 1957 with the additions of Maverick with James Garner and Jack Kelly, Colt .45 with Wayde Preston, and Sugarfoot with Will Hutchins. One year later, Warner Bros. added Lawman and Bronco with Ty Hardin. Prior to the beginning of production, Russell and Brown and producer Jules Schermer made a pact to maintain the quality of the series so that it would not be seen as "just another western." At the start of season two, Russell and Brown were joined by Peggie Castle as Lily Merrill, the owner of the Birdcage Saloon, and a love interest for Dan. Read More



Episode 36: The Wayfarer
Episode 35: The Bandits
Episode 34: The Ring
Episode 33: The Senator
Episode 32: The Return
Episode 31: The Huntress
Episode 30: The Journey
Episode 29: Riding Shotgun
Episode 28: The Young Toughs
Episode 27: The Souvenir
Episode 26: The Gang
Episode 25: Battle Scar
Episode 24: The Visitor
Episode 23: The Posse
Episode 22: The Chef
Episode 21: The Big Hat
Episode 20: The Gunman
Episode 19: Warpath
Episode 18: The Runaway
Episode 17: The Brand Release
Episode 16: The Encounter
Episode 15: The Captives
Episode 14: The Outsider
Episode 13: The Master
Episode 12: Lady in Question
Episode 11: Short Straw
Episode 10: The Intruders
Episode 9: Bloodline
Episode 8: The Badge
Episode 7: Wanted
Episode 6: The Jury
Episode 5: The Outcast
Episode 4: The Oath
Episode 3: The Joker
Episode 2: The Prisoner
Episode 1: The Deputy