Land of the Giants (1968)


Genre: Sci-fi

Plot: The Spindrift, a sub-oribital spaceship on a flight from Los Angeles to London, became lost when it passed through a strange cloud in the ship's orbit around Earth. It landed on an alternate Earth-type planet, where the inhabitants were roughly twelve times the size of the Spindrift's passengers. Our heroes include the ship's captain (Steve Burton), co-pilot (Dan) and stewardess (Betty); an arrogant engineer (Mark); a sexy jet-setter (Valerie); a young boy (Barry) and his dog Chipper; and a mysterious rogue known as Commander Fitzhugh. Together they battle the planet's totalitarian government, try to avoid capture, and attempt to repair the Spindrift so they can get back home. Read More



Episode 25: Graveyard of Fools
Episode 24: Wild Journey
Episode 23: The Marionettes
Episode 22: A Small War
Episode 21: Doomsday
Episode 20: The Deadly Dart
Episode 19: Panic
Episode 18: The Secret City of Limbo
Episode 17: Pay the Piper
Episode 16: Nightmare
Episode 15: Our Man O'Reilly
Episode 14: Home Sweet Home
Episode 13: Land of the Lost
Episode 12: A Place Called Earth
Episode 11: The Clones
Episode 10: Comeback
Episode 9: Chamber of Fear
Episode 8: Every Dog Needs a Boy
Episode 7: Collector's Item
Episode 6: Giants and all That Jazz
Episode 5: The Unsuspected
Episode 4: Deadly Pawn
Episode 3: The Inside Rail
Episode 2: Six Hours to Live
Episode 1: The Mechanical Man
Episode 26: The Chase
Episode 25: Shell Game
Episode 24: Sabotage
Episode 23: Rescue
Episode 22: Return of Inidu
Episode 21: Genius at Work
Episode 20: Target: Earth
Episode 19: Seven Little Indians
Episode 18: Night of Thrombeldinbar
Episode 17: Deadly Lodestone
Episode 16: On a Clear Night You Can See Earth
Episode 15: The Bounty Hunter
Episode 14: Brainwash
Episode 13: The Lost Ones
Episode 12: The Golden Cage
Episode 11: The Weird World
Episode 10: Double-Cross
Episode 9: The Creed
Episode 8: The Trap
Episode 7: Manhunt
Episode 6: The Flight Plan
Episode 5: Terror-Go-Round
Episode 4: Underground
Episode 3: Framed