L.A. Dragnet (2003)


Genre: Crime , Drama

Plot: Within L.A. incredibly diverse landscape, two dedicated cops are relentless when it comes to solving crime. Detective Joe Friday is a seasoned veteran who has seen it all. Through his voiceovers, viewers will gain insight into the crime investigation process, as well as hear the honest thoughts of a 21st century cop. Although a veteran of the beat, Friday still has the same passion and energy as his young partner, Frank Smith, who has recently been promoted to the robbery/homicide division from vice. Read More



Episode 10: Killing Field
Episode 9: Riddance
Episode 8: Retribution
Episode 7: Frame of Mind
Episode 6: Abduction
Episode 5: Slice of Life
Episode 4: The Magic Bullet
Episode 3: 17 in 6
Episode 2: Coyote
Episode 1: Daddy's Girl
Episode 12: The Little Guy
Episode 11: For Whom the Whistle Blows
Episode 10: Let's Make a Deal
Episode 9: Redemption
Episode 8: Sticks and Stones
Episode 7: The Artful Dodger
Episode 6: The Brass Ring
Episode 5: The Cutting of the Swath
Episode 4: Well Endowed
Episode 3: All That Glitters
Episode 2: The Big Ruckus
Episode 1: The Silver Slayer