Kiss Me First (2018)


Genre: Drama , Mystery , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Kiss Me First is a thriller that moves between the real and virtual animated worlds. When Leila stumbles across Red Pill, a secret paradise, hidden on the edges of her favourite game, she meets Tess. Tess is everything that Leila is not: hedonistic, impulsive and insatiable. So when Tess turns up in Leila's real life uninvited, Leila's world is forever changed. But then a member of Red Pill mysteriously disappears and Leila begins to suspect that maybe Red Pill isn't the digital Eden its creator Adrian claims it to be. Now, Leila's real journey begins. Read More



Episode 6: You Can Never Go Home
Episode 5: The Witch Is Coming
Episode 4: Friends Let Us Down
Episode 3: Off the Rails
Episode 2: Make It Stop
Episode 1: She Did Something