Kingswood Country (1980)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Ted Bullpitt's most precious possession is his Kingswood Holden car. He objects when his son, or his son-in-law, wants to drive the car and keeps the keys hidden. He is also unimpressed with his daughter's choice of a husband. Ted's brother is a sales representative for Datsun cars - something else which incurs Ted's disgust, as he feels that his brother should only deal with Kingswood Holden cars. Read More



Episode 10: First Lady Of Fashion.
Episode 9: Postman's Knock.
Episode 8: Ted Bullpitt, The Human Eel
Episode 7: Caught In The Act
Episode 6: The Night They Raided Bruno's.
Episode 5: Two And Two Is Nun.
Episode 4: Birth Of A Salesman.
Episode 3: A Whole New Ball Game.
Episode 2: Better Dead Than Red
Episode 1: Ted Bullpitt Meets The Lone Arranger
Episode 23: Medium Rare.
Episode 22: No Bed of Rosa's.
Episode 21: A Spelling Lesson.
Episode 20: Bagpipe Dreams
Episode 19: Man Of The Match.
Episode 18: Sons And Datsuns
Episode 17: Teapot Of Gold.
Episode 16: A Dog Called Horse
Episode 15: Presenting The Ted And Sparky Show.
Episode 14: Bob & Merle & Ted & Neville
Episode 13: With A Little Bitter Luck.
Episode 12: Licence To Thrill
Episode 11: The Ones That Didn't Get Away.
Episode 10: It's A Bird ! It's A Plane ! It's A Tile !.
Episode 9: Wombat Madness.
Episode 8: Hair Of The Blue Dog
Episode 7: Divorce Australian Style
Episode 6: A Matter Of Willpower
Episode 5: A Very Green Grocer
Episode 4: Whodunnit?
Episode 3: Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Episode 2: Briefcase Encounter
Episode 1: A Lode Of Old Bullpitt
Episode 20: Every Dog Has It's Pay.
Episode 19: Smoke Out At Wombat Crescent
Episode 18: Sweet And Sour Charity
Episode 17: Trees Company
Episode 16: Three Into Fur Won't Go
Episode 15: Strike Me Catholic
Episode 14: Plaster of Paris
Episode 13: The Wagers Of Fear
Episode 12: An Affair To Remember
Episode 11: Lodger Protest
Episode 10: Room To Rent
Episode 9: That Old Back Magic
Episode 8: Uncle Jack Gets His Own Back
Episode 7: The Hair Of The Cat That Bit You.
Episode 6: Meet Sister Alibi
Episode 5: Not Tonight Tweety Pie
Episode 4: The Love God of Wombat Crescent
Episode 3: The Roots Of Bullpitt
Episode 2: We're No Angels
Episode 1: Sale Of The Century
Episode 13: Till Yodelling Do Us Part
Episode 12: Illegal Eagle
Episode 11: Bury My Heart In Wombat Crescent
Episode 10: The Bard Of Wombat Crescent
Episode 9: Guess Who's Burning The Dinner
Episode 8: The Miracle Of Wombat Crescent
Episode 7: Boom Boom Bullpitt
Episode 6: There's No Place Like Rome
Episode 5: Divorce Bullpitt Style
Episode 4: Police Release Me
Episode 3: The Royal Visit
Episode 2: The Big Sleeper
Episode 1: Bye Bye Budgie