Kingdom Hospital (2004)


Genre: Drama , Fantasy , Horror , Mystery

Plot: A haunted hospital in Lewiston, Maine, built on the site of a Civil War-era mill that burned down in the fire which killed many children who worked there is hit by a series of increasingly devastating mysterious earthquakes. The jaded staff pays no attention to it, since everyone there has experienced much stranger and harder to explain things many times throughout the years. The arrival of two new patients, a comatose artist left paralyzed in a hit and run incident only to end up being saved from the brink of death by a mysterious divine force in the form of a giant telepathic anteater called Antubis and a female psychic whose son works at the hospital, stirs everything up. A strange ghost girl contacts both of them in an attempt to get them to warn the staff and prevent the upcoming great supernatural disaster. However, secretive malevolent forces are also there and they have no intention of letting anyone interfere with their infernal plans. Read More



Episode 14: Season Finale
Episode 13: Finale
Episode 12: Shoulda' Stood in Bed
Episode 11: Seizure Day
Episode 10: The Passion of Reverend Jimmy
Episode 9: Butterfingers
Episode 8: Heartless
Episode 7: Black Noise
Episode 6: The Young and the Headless
Episode 5: Hook's Kingdom
Episode 4: The West Side of Midnight
Episode 3: Goodbye Kiss
Episode 2: Death's Kingdom
Episode 1: Thy Kingdom Come