Kingdom (2014) (2014)


Plot: A raw family drama set against the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Venice, California. Alvey Kulina owns Navy St. MMA with the help of his girlfriend Lisa Prince. He is willing to go through extraordinary means to make sure his fighters are taken care of, but all of this responsibility comes at a steep price. He has complicated relationships with both of his sons, Jay and Nate, who are both struggling with their own identities and places within Alvey’s life and gym. Read More



Episode 10: Lie Down in the Light
Episode 9: Cactus
Episode 8: Old Pueblo
Episode 7: Platinum Level
Episode 6: All Talk
Episode 5: Please Give
Episode 4: Headhunter
Episode 3: Thank You, Boys
Episode 2: Ritual
Episode 1: Wolf Tickets
Episode 20: No Sharp Objects
Episode 19: Late to Leave
Episode 18: Cut Man
Episode 17: Help Wanted
Episode 16: Halos
Episode 15: Take Pills
Episode 14: Do Not Disturb
Episode 13: Woke Up Lonely
Episode 12: No Fault
Episode 11: Lay and Pray
Episode 10: Traveling Alone
Episode 9: Living Down
Episode 8: Smoker
Episode 7: The Demon Had a Spell
Episode 6: Pink at Night
Episode 5: Happy Hour
Episode 4: Be First
Episode 3: Broken or Missing
Episode 2: Simulations
Episode 1: New Money
Episode 10: King Beast
Episode 9: Cut Day
Episode 8: Gentle Slope
Episode 7: Animator/Annihilator
Episode 6: Please Refrain from Crying
Episode 5: Eat Your Own Cooking
Episode 4: Flowers
Episode 3: Piece of Plastic
Episode 2: Glass Eye
Episode 1: Set Yourself on Fire