Keeping Up Appearances (1990)


Plot: Keeping Up Appearances is a British sitcom created and written by Roy Clarke for the BBC. Centred on the life of eccentric, social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket, the sitcom follows her obsessive and determined attempts to impress in middle class society and portray herself as more affluent than she truly is. The show stars Patricia Routledge, who received two BAFTA nominations for her performance as Hyacinth. Broadcast between 1990 and 1995 on BBC One, the sitcom spawned five series and 44 episodes—4 of which are Christmas specials. Keeping Up Appearances was a great success in the UK and also captivated a large audience in the US, Canada, and Australia, but production ceased in 1995 when Routledge wanted to move on to other projects. Since its original release, all five series—including Christmas specials—are available on DVD. In 2004, the sitcom was ranked 12th in the countdown of Britain's Best Sitcom. It is regularly repeated worldwide. Read More



Episode 10: The Hostess
Episode 9: A Crafts-Woman Scorned
Episode 8: A Barbecue at Violet's
Episode 7: The Boy Friend
Episode 6: Country Estate Sale
Episode 5: Skis
Episode 4: A Riverside Picnic
Episode 3: Hyacinth Is Alarmed
Episode 2: The Mayor's Fancy Dress Ball
Episode 1: The Senior Citizen's Outing
Episode 7: Let There Be Light
Episode 6: Please Mind Your Head
Episode 5: Looking at Properties
Episode 4: The Commodore
Episode 3: A Celebrity for the Barbecue
Episode 2: Country Retreat
Episode 1: A Job for Richard
Episode 7: What to Wear When Yachting
Episode 6: The Art Exhibition
Episode 5: Richard's New Hobby
Episode 4: How to Go on Holiday Without Really Trying
Episode 3: Violet's Country Cottage
Episode 2: Iron Age Remains
Episode 1: Early Retirement
Episode 10: A Picnic for Daddy
Episode 9: The Three-Piece Suite
Episode 8: The Toy Store
Episode 7: Singing for Emmet
Episode 6: Onslow's Birthday
Episode 5: Problems with Relatives
Episode 4: Golfing with the Major
Episode 3: The Candlelight Supper
Episode 2: Driving Mrs. Fortescue
Episode 1: A Strange Man
Episode 6: The Christening
Episode 5: Daisy's Toyboy
Episode 4: The Charity Shop
Episode 3: Stately Home
Episode 2: The New Vicar
Episode 1: Daddy's Accident