K.C. Undercover (2015)


Plot: Set in Washington, D.C., the series follows K.C. Cooper, a high school math genius, who gets recruited by her parents after she discovers that they are secretly undercover spies working for an agency called The Organization. Her brother tries to help because he feels left out and eventually joins the team, and his desire leads his mother and father to get a new robot child. Each episode centers on K.C. and her family as they contend with common familial issues while also performing missions to save the country, with a recurring storyline involving thwarting the plans of a criminal organization. Read More



Episode 25: K.C. Undercover: The Final Chapter
Episode 24: Domino 4: The Mask
Episode 23: Domino 3: Buggin' Out
Episode 22: Domino 2: Barbecued
Episode 21: The Domino Effect
Episode 20: K.C. Times Three
Episode 19: Cassandra Undercover
Episode 18: Twin It to Win It
Episode 17: Take Me Out
Episode 16: The Gammy Files
Episode 15: Revenge Of The Van People
Episode 14: Second Chances
Episode 13: Deleted!
Episode 12: Stormy Weather
Episode 11: The Truth Will Set You Free
Episode 10: Unmasking the Enemy
Episode 9: Keep On Truckin'
Episode 8: The Storm Maker
Episode 7: K.C. Under Construction
Episode 6: Teen Drama
Episode 5: Web of Lies
Episode 4: Out of the Water and Into the Fire
Episode 3: Welcome to the Jungle
Episode 1: Coopers on the Run (1)
Episode 24: Family Feud
Episode 23: Collision Course
Episode 22: Holly Holly Not So Jolly
Episode 21: Trust No One
Episode 20: Undercover Mother
Episode 19: Virtual Insanity
Episode 18: In Too Deep, Part 2
Episode 17: In Too Deep, Part 1
Episode 16: Spy of the Year Awards
Episode 15: The Legend of Bad, Bad Cleo Brown
Episode 14: Tightrope of Doom
Episode 13: Sup, Dawg?
Episode 12: Catch Him If You Can
Episode 11: K.C. Levels Up
Episode 10: The Love Jinx
Episode 9: Dance Like No One's Watching
Episode 8: Down in the Dumps
Episode 7: The Truth Hurts
Episode 6: Brainwashed
Episode 5: Accidents Will Happen
Episode 4: The Mother of All Missions
Episode 3: Rebel With a Cuz
Episode 2: Do You Want to Know a Secret
Episode 1: Coopers Reactivated!
Episode 28: K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter (2)
Episode 27: K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter (1)
Episode 26: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
Episode 25: Enemy of the State
Episode 24: The Get Along Vault
Episode 23: All Howl's Eve
Episode 22: Runaway Robot
Episode 21: K.C.'s The Man
Episode 20: Debutante Baller
Episode 19: K.C. and the Vanishing Lady
Episode 18: Operation: Other Side Part 2
Episode 17: Operation: Other Side Part 1
Episode 16: First Friend
Episode 15: The Neighborhood Watchdogs
Episode 14: Stakeout Takeout
Episode 13: Double Crossed Part 3
Episode 12: Double Crossed Part 2
Episode 11: Double Crossed Part 1 (2)
Episode 10: Double Crossed Part 1 (1)
Episode 9: Spy-anoia Will Destroy Ya
Episode 8: Assignment: Get That Assignment
Episode 7: Daddy's Little Princess
Episode 6: How K.C. Got Her Swag Back
Episode 5: Photo Bombed
Episode 4: Off the Grid
Episode 3: Give Me A 'K'! Give Me A 'C'!
Episode 2: My Sister from Another Mother... Board
Episode 1: Pilot