Juliet Bravo (1980)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Juliet Bravo was a drama that focused on two female police inspectors, neither of whom were called Juliet Bravo! These two inspectors worked in the small fictional town of Hartley, Lancashire. Jean Darblay was on the scene first and had trouble with her sexist colleagues. However she soon managed to gain their trust and prove a woman could be a successful police officer and housewife. Jean's call sign was Juliet Bravo. When she was promoted and moved on she was replaced by Kate Longton who not only took over the patch but also the headaches that went with it. Read More



Episode 14: Flowers Tomorrow
Episode 13: Resolution
Episode 12: Ducks In a Row
Episode 11: Abuse
Episode 10: Alibi
Episode 9: Hallowe'en
Episode 8: Workforce
Episode 7: Lost and Found
Episode 6: Strike The Father
Episode 5: No Peace
Episode 4: Getting Away With It
Episode 3: The Day That the Circus Left Town
Episode 2: There's None So Blind
Episode 1: Attack
Episode 14: Backtrack
Episode 13: Simple Simon
Episode 12: Off Duty
Episode 11: Who Says The War Is Over?
Episode 10: John The Lad
Episode 9: Guilt
Episode 8: Doors
Episode 7: Bad Seed
Episode 6: Mates
Episode 5: Who's Your Friend?
Episode 4: Solvent Solution
Episode 3: Retribution
Episode 2: Teacher's Pet
Episode 1: Teamwork
Episode 14: The Third Man
Episode 13: Catching Up
Episode 12: Journeys
Episode 11: Barriers
Episode 10: Whispers
Episode 9: Gorgeous
Episode 8: Aunt Sally
Episode 7: Clever Boy
Episode 6: Unpicking The Stitches
Episode 5: A Private Place
Episode 4: Lies and Liars
Episode 3: Party Fun
Episode 2: Arlene
Episode 1: New Arrivals
Episode 16: Relief
Episode 15: The Anastasia Syndrome
Episode 14: Oscar
Episode 13: Family Unit
Episode 12: Home-Grown Or Imported?
Episode 11: Expectations
Episode 10: The One Who Got Away
Episode 9: Rage
Episode 8: Cages
Episode 7: Coming Back
Episode 6: The Runner
Episode 5: Trouble At T'Mill
Episode 4: Coins
Episode 3: The Draughtsman
Episode 2: Fraudulently Uttered
Episode 1: Shot Gun