Judge John Deed (2001)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Judge John Deed is a British legal drama television series produced by the BBC in association with One-Eyed Dog for BBC One. It was created by G.F. Newman and stars Martin Shaw as Sir John Deed, a High Court judge who tries to seek real justice in the cases before him. It also stars Jenny Seagrove as the barrister Jo Mills, frequently the object of Deed's desire. A pilot episode was broadcast on 9 January 2001, followed by the first full series on 26 November 2001. The sixth and last series concluded on 18 January 2007. The programme then went on an indefinite break after Shaw became involved in another television programme, and he and Seagrove expressed a wish for the format of the series to change before they filmed new episodes. By 2009, the series had officially been cancelled. The six series produced make it the longest-running BBC legal drama. The factual accuracy of the series is often criticised by legal professionals and journalists; many of the decisions taken by Deed are unlikely to happen in a real court. The romanticised vision of the court system created by Newman caused a judge to issue a warning to a jury not to let the series influence their view of trials—referring to an episode where Deed flouts rules when called up for jury duty. Another episode led to complaints about biased and incorrect information about the MMR vaccine, leading the BBC to ban repeats of it in its original form. All six series have been released on DVD in the UK. Read More



Episode 4: Evidence of Harm (2)
Episode 3: Evidence of Harm (1)
Episode 1: War Crimes (1)
Episode 6: Heart of Darkness
Episode 5: One Angry Man
Episode 4: Silent Killer
Episode 3: Lost Youth
Episode 2: My Daughter, Right or Wrong
Episode 1: Hard-Gating
Episode 6: Popular Appeal
Episode 5: Separation of Powers
Episode 4: Defence of the Realm
Episode 3: In Defence of Others
Episode 2: Above the Law
Episode 1: Lost and Found
Episode 4: Economic Imperative
Episode 3: Conspiracy
Episode 2: Judicial Review
Episode 1: Health Hazard
Episode 4: Everyone's Child
Episode 3: Nobody's Fool
Episode 2: Abuse of Power
Episode 1: Political Expediency
Episode 4: Hidden Agenda
Episode 3: Appropriate Response
Episode 2: Duty of Care
Episode 1: Rough Justice