Jongo (2016)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Sci-fi

Plot: Jongo is the world’s first African-based superhero TV show. At the site of his father's murder, Eli King discovers a mysterious crystal which imbues him with an array of special powers. As he tries to deal with the death of his father and find the men responsible, Eli must also grapple with the powers of the crystal and how it will indelibly alter the course of his life. What Eli doesn't know is that the men he is hunting have crystals of their own and need Eli's stone to fulfil an ancient and devastating prophecy which will threaten the lives of millions. And caught up in the middle of everything is Eli's best friend, Kay, and the love of his life, Maya. Read More



Episode 16: Battle, Part 2
Episode 15: Battle, Part 1
Episode 14: Mission, Part 2
Episode 13: Mission, Part 1
Episode 12: Plan, Part 2
Episode 11: Plan, Part 1
Episode 10: Gone, Part 2
Episode 9: Gone, Part 1
Episode 8: Battle
Episode 7: Mission
Episode 6: Plan
Episode 5: Gone
Episode 4: Closer
Episode 3: Hunt
Episode 2: Discovery
Episode 1: Origin