Jonathan Creek (1997)


Plot: Madeline Magellan, an investigative journalist, is the kind of journalist that generally sticks her nose in where it isn't wanted. While writing a story about the murder of a famous Artist she happens across a quiet but brilliant man named Jonathan Creek. Jonathan makes a living inventing magical tricks for Adam Klaus. Adam is a very famous magician but it is Jonathan that is the real genius behind Adam's illusions. Madeline (Maddy) and Jonathan team up to solve the Artist murder and then (for Jonathan with some reluctance) again team up to solve near-impossible cases. Over the stories, we see that Maddy is in love with Jonathan but Jonathan, being a shy person, doesn't show if he knows about Maddy's feeling for him but he loves solving the tricky mysteries that Maddy brings for his mind to solve... Read More



Episode 3: The Curse of the Bronze Lamp
Episode 2: The Sinner and the Sandman
Episode 1: The Letters of Septimus Noone
Episode 6: Gorgons Wood
Episode 5: The Chequered Box
Episode 4: The Seer of the Sands
Episode 3: The Tailor's Dummy
Episode 2: Angel Hair
Episode 1: The Coonskin Cap
Episode 6: The Three Gamblers
Episode 5: Miracle in Crooked Lane
Episode 4: Ghost's Forge
Episode 3: The Omega Man
Episode 2: The Eyes of Tiresias
Episode 1: The Curious Tale of Mr. Spearfish
Episode 6: Mother Redcap
Episode 5: The Problem at Gallows Gate (2)
Episode 4: The Problem at Gallows Gate (1)
Episode 3: The Scented Room
Episode 2: Time Waits for Norman
Episode 1: Danse Macabre
Episode 5: The House of Monkeys
Episode 4: No Trace of Tracy
Episode 3: The Reconstituted Corpse
Episode 2: Jack in the Box
Episode 1: The Wrestler's Tomb