Jon Benjamin Has a Van (2011)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Jon Benjamin Has a Van is a live-action television comedy series that aired in the summer of 2011 on Comedy Central. The series stars Jon Benjamin as a reporter who tours around in a van to deliver uninteresting news to the viewers and to unsuspecting people while utilizing scripted scenes for narrative reasons. The series' cancellation was announced in April 2012. Special guests include Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Jon Glaser, Eric Wareheim, Tim Heidecker, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Jay Johnston, Bob Odenkirk, ChloƩ Dumas, Jerry Minor, Andy Richter, Larry Murphy, Rich Fulcher, Chris Parnell, Brendon Small, and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. Read More



Episode 10: Smoking
Episode 9: House on the Lake
Episode 8: The Curse
Episode 7: Van Scheme
Episode 6: Suicide
Episode 5: Road Rage
Episode 4: Breakdown
Episode 3: Star Door
Episode 2: Little Little Italy
Episode 1: Border