Johnny Bravo (1997)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Johnny Bravo tells the story of a biceps-bulging, karate-chopping free spirit who believes he is a gift from God to the women of the earth. Unfortunately for Johnny, everyone else sees him as a narcissistic Mama's boy with big muscles and even bigger hair. In short, he is the quintessential guy who 'just doesn't get it.' No matter what he does, or where he finds himself, he always winds up being his own worst enemy. Read More



Episode 24: Back on Shaq
Episode 23: Johnny Makeover
Episode 22: Adam West's Date-O-Rama
Episode 21: Some Walk by Night
Episode 20: A Page Right Out of History
Episode 19: Wilderness Protection Program
Episode 18: Run Johnny Run
Episode 17: The Time of My Life
Episode 16: The Hunk at the End of This Cartoon
Episode 15: It's a Magical Life
Episode 14: Double Vision
Episode 13: Gray Matters
Episode 12: T Is for Trouble
Episode 11: Get Shovelized
Episode 10: Non, Oui, Oui Pour Johnny
Episode 9: That's Entertainment!
Episode 8: Back from the Future
Episode 7: Mini JB
Episode 6: Home Alone
Episode 5: Witch-ay Woman
Episode 4: Win an El Toro Guapo
Episode 3: My Funny Looking Friend
Episode 2: Traffic Troubles
Episode 1: Johnny Goes Hollywood
Episode 53: It's Valentine's Day, Johnny Bravo!
Episode 52: A Johnny Bravo Christmas
Episode 51: Get Stinky!
Episode 50: I.Q. Johnny
Episode 49: The Hansel and Gretel Project
Episode 48: Third Dork from the Sun
Episode 47: The Colour of Mustard
Episode 46: The Island of Mrs. Morceau
Episode 45: A Reject Runs Through It
Episode 44: Runaway Train
Episode 43: Auteur! Auteur!
Episode 42: Lord of the Links
Episode 41: Lumberjack Johnny
Episode 40: Chain Gang Johnny
Episode 39: Freudian Dip
Episode 38: Bootman
Episode 37: Lodge Brother Johnny
Episode 36: FrankenBravo
Episode 35: The Great Bunny Book Ban
Episode 34: Toy Boy Johnny
Episode 33: Enter the Chipmunk
Episode 32: Lone Star Bravo
Episode 31: A Walk on the Stupid Side
Episode 30: Carnival of the Darned
Episode 29: One Angry Bravo
Episode 28: I Dream of Johnny
Episode 27: 20,000 Leagues Over My Head
Episode 26: Robo-Mama
Episode 25: Johnny on Ice!
Episode 24: Full Metal Johnny
Episode 23: Mascot Academy
Episode 22: Jurassic Dork
Episode 21: Pouch Potato
Episode 20: Little Red Riding Johnny
Episode 19: Dental Hijinks
Episode 18: Some Like It Stupid
Episode 17: In Your Dreams
Episode 16: Fool for a Day
Episode 15: Spa Spaz
Episode 14: Biosphere Johnny
Episode 13: The Johnny Bravo Affair
Episode 12: BackDaft
Episode 11: The Incredible Shrinking Johnny
Episode 10: Scoop Bravo
Episode 9: Johnny B. Badd
Episode 8: Air Bravo
Episode 7: Candidate Johnny
Episode 6: Hold That Schmoe
Episode 5: Hunted!
Episode 4: Virtual Johnny
Episode 3: Fugitive Johnny
Episode 2: In the Line of Johnny
Episode 1: Luke Perry's Guide to Love
Episode 66: Thunder God Johnny
Episode 65: Marine Maroon
Episode 64: As I Lay Hiccupping
Episode 63: Quo Doofus
Episode 62: Den Mother Johnny
Episode 61: Loch Ness Johnny
Episode 60: Send in the Clones
Episode 59: Prep-School Johnny
Episode 58: Yukon Yutz
Episode 57: The Clueless Kid
Episode 56: Balloon Platoon
Episode 55: Good Knight Johnny
Episode 54: Free Pookey
Episode 53: Rashomoron
Episode 52: The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo
Episode 51: Tooth or Consequences
Episode 50: Law and Disorder
Episode 49: Look Who's Drooling
Episode 48: A Cake Too Far
Episode 47: Dude Ranch Doofus
Episode 46: Pop Art Johnny
Episode 45: Days of Blunder
Episode 44: A Fool for Sister Sara
Episode 43: Hail to the Chump
Episode 42: Noir Johnny
Episode 41: Damien's Day Out
Episode 40: Galaxy Boy
Episode 39: Clan of the Cave Boob
Episode 38: Johnny-O & Juliet
Episode 37: El Bravo Magnifico
Episode 36: Carl Be Not Proud
Episode 35: Witless
Episode 34: Brave New Johnny
Episode 33: A League of His Own
Episode 32: Johnny Goes to Camp
Episode 31: Buffoon Lagoon
Episode 30: Aunt Katie's Farm
Episode 29: Welcome Back, Bravo
Episode 28: The Man with the Golden Gut
Episode 27: Mama's New Boyfriend
Episode 26: Alien Confidential
Episode 25: Panic in Jerky Town
Episode 24: Ape Is Enough
Episode 23: A Boy and His Bird
Episode 22: Johnny and the Beanstalk
Episode 21: Charm School Johnny
Episode 20: Shnook of the North
Episode 19: I, Fly
Episode 18: Johnny's Guardian Angel
Episode 17: Johnny's Telethon
Episode 16: Doomates
Episode 15: Bravo 13
Episode 14: Jailbird Johnny
Episode 13: Endless Bummer
Episode 12: To Helga and Back
Episode 11: Cover Boy
Episode 10: Claws
Episode 9: The Prince and the Pinhead
Episode 8: A Star Is Bruised
Episode 7: Karma Krisis
Episode 6: Forest Chump
Episode 5: Johnny's Inferno
Episode 4: Johnny, Get Your Tutu
Episode 3: A Gel for Johnny
Episode 2: Moby Jerk
Episode 1: Bikini Space Planet
Episode 38: Johnny Meets Donny Osmond
Episode 37: Under the Big Flop
Episode 36: Johnny Bravo Meets Adam West!
Episode 35: Little Talky Tabitha!
Episode 34: Johnny Real Good
Episode 33: The Man Who Cried Clown
Episode 32: Red-Faced in the White House
Episode 31: Berry the Butler
Episode 30: Going Batty
Episode 29: Bravo, James Bravo
Episode 28: The Perfect Gift
Episode 27: Jumbo Johnny
Episode 26: Intensive Care
Episode 25: A Wolf in Chick's Clothing
Episode 24: Substitute Teacher
Episode 23: The Aisle of Mixed-Up Toys
Episode 22: The Day the Earth Didn't Move Around Very Much
Episode 21: Beach Blanket Bravo
Episode 20: Hip Hop Flop
Episode 19: Talk to Me, Baby
Episode 18: Blanky Hanky Panky
Episode 17: Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett
Episode 16: Over the Hump!
Episode 15: Blarney Buddies
Episode 14: 'Twas the Night
Episode 13: My Fair Dork
Episode 12: I Used to Be Funny
Episode 11: Cookie Crisis
Episode 10: Did You See a Bull Run by Here?
Episode 9: Date with an Antelope
Episode 8: Bravo Dooby-Doo
Episode 7: The Sensitive Male!
Episode 6: Bearly Enough Time
Episode 5: Bungled in the Jungle
Episode 4: Super Duped
Episode 3: Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women
Episode 2: Jungle Boy in Mr. Monkeyman
Episode 1: Johnny Bravo