Jay Leno's Garage (2015) (2015)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Jay Leno, a former late night show host shows his car enthusiast side in the new reality TV show, Jay Leno's Garage. Join Jay and his colleagues as they drive cars, motorcycles and anything that moves all while meeting new people and making new aquatinces along the way! Read More



Episode 8: All Play and No Work
Episode 7: All Play and No Work
Episode 6: Road Trip
Episode 5: In Pursuit of Perfection
Episode 4: Even Tougher
Episode 3: Dare to Be Different
Episode 2: Risk vs Reward
Episode 1: Dare to Dream
Episode 8: Built for Speed
Episode 7: Unsung Heroes
Episode 6: Sky's the Limit
Episode 5: Innovations And Breakthroughs
Episode 4: Modern Icons
Episode 3: Truly Unconventional
Episode 2: Cult Classics
Episode 1: Tough Enough
Episode 16: Going the Distance
Episode 15: General Badassery
Episode 14: Limited Funds Unlimited Fun!
Episode 13: Second Chances
Episode 12: Origins
Episode 10: Hard Work Pays Off
Episode 9: Rolling Sculpture
Episode 8: Size Matters
Episode 7: One of a Kind
Episode 6: Cars of the Sports Stars
Episode 5: Rebels
Episode 4: Down And Dirty
Episode 3: The Motor City
Episode 1: Movie Cars
Episode 16: Getting Away
Episode 15: Living the Dream
Episode 14: More Power
Episode 13: Closed Roads
Episode 12: Any Which Way But Gas
Episode 11: In Harm's Way
Episode 10: The Next Generation
Episode 9: The Car My Father Drove
Episode 8: Keys to Happiness
Episode 7: Hand Made
Episode 6: Child at Heart
Episode 5: Outside the Box
Episode 4: Victory Lane
Episode 3: Losing Control
Episode 2: Larger Than Life
Episode 1: Made in America
Episode 9: Music and Cars
Episode 3: Anything But Four Wheels
Episode 2: Crime Fighters
Episode 1: Supercars
Episode 8: The Cars of Tomorrow
Episode 6: Competitve Nature
Episode 1: American Muscle