Jane the Virgin (2014)


Plot: Jane is a religious young Latina who is a waitress in a hotel in Miami. Her life takes a big turn for the unexpected when her doctor (Dr. Luisa Alver) mistakenly artificially inseminates her during her checkup. Jane's mother Xiomara, who became pregnant with Jane at a very young age, and is scared that Jane will be destroying her life by deciding to bring the baby to full term, while Jane's traditional religious Latina grandmother, Alba, encourages Jane to do what she chooses. The biological father is a married man named Rafael Solano, who is a cancer survivor and a former playboy. He is the new owner of the hotel where Jane works, and was her former teenage crush. Petra, Rafael's amoral and scheming wife, learns of the mistake and plots her own agenda. Petra is also involved in an affair with Roman Zazo, Rafael's best friend, who is under investigation by Jane's police detective boyfriend, Michael Cordero, and who also deals with Jane's unexpected condition in his own way. Meanwhile, the doctor who inseminated Jane, Dr. Luisa Alver, who is Rafael's younger sister, is distraught over learning that her wife cheated on her and left her. Elsewhere, Rogelio de la Vega, a famous TV star and, unbeknownst to her, Jane's biological father, shows up to wanting to make contact with Xiomara, unaware of Jane's existence. Read More



Episode 19: Chapter One-Hundred
Episode 18: Chapter Ninety-Nine
Episode 17: Chapter Ninety-Eight
Episode 16: Chapter Ninety-Seven
Episode 15: Chapter Ninety-Six
Episode 14: Chapter Ninety-Five
Episode 13: Chapter Ninety-Four
Episode 12: Chapter Ninety-Three
Episode 11: Chapter Ninety-Two
Episode 10: Chapter Ninety-One
Episode 9: Chapter Ninety
Episode 8: Chapter Eighty-Nine
Episode 7: Chapter Eighty-Eight
Episode 6: Chapter Eighty-Seven
Episode 5: Chapter Eighty-Six
Episode 4: Chapter Eighty-Five
Episode 3: Chapter Eighty-Four
Episode 2: Chapter Eighty-Three
Episode 1: Chapter Eighty-Two
Episode 17: Chapter Eighty-One
Episode 16: Chapter Eighty
Episode 15: Chapter Seventy-Nine
Episode 14: Chapter Seventy-Eight
Episode 13: Chapter Seventy-Seven
Episode 12: Chapter Seventy-Six
Episode 11: Chapter Seventy-Five
Episode 10: Chapter Seventy-Four
Episode 9: Chapter Seventy-Three
Episode 8: Chapter Seventy-Two
Episode 7: Chapter Seventy-One
Episode 6: Chapter Seventy
Episode 5: Chapter Sixty-Nine
Episode 4: Chapter Sixty-Eight
Episode 3: Chapter Sixty-Seven
Episode 2: Chapter Sixty-Six
Episode 1: Chapter Sixty-Five
Episode 20: Chapter Sixty-Four
Episode 19: Chapter Sixty-Three
Episode 18: Chapter Sixty-Two
Episode 17: Chapter Sixty-One
Episode 16: Chapter Sixty
Episode 15: Chapter Fifty-Nine
Episode 14: Chapter Fifty-Eight
Episode 13: Chapter Fifty-Seven
Episode 12: Chapter Fifty-Six
Episode 11: Chapter Fifty-Five
Episode 10: Chapter Fifty-Four
Episode 9: Chapter Fifty-Three
Episode 8: Chapter Fifty-Two
Episode 7: Chapter Fifty-One
Episode 6: Chapter Fifty
Episode 5: Chapter Forty-Nine
Episode 4: Chapter Forty-Eight
Episode 3: Chapter Forty-Seven
Episode 2: Chapter Forty-Six
Episode 1: Chapter Forty-Five
Episode 22: Chapter Forty-Four
Episode 21: Chapter Forty-Three
Episode 20: Chapter Forty-Two
Episode 19: Chapter Forty-One
Episode 18: Chapter Forty
Episode 17: Chapter Thirty-Nine
Episode 16: Chapter Thirty-Eight
Episode 15: Chapter Thirty-Seven
Episode 14: Chapter Thirty-Six
Episode 13: Chapter Thirty-Five
Episode 12: Chapter Thirty-Four
Episode 11: Chapter Thirty-Three
Episode 10: Chapter Thirty-Two
Episode 9: Chapter Thirty-One
Episode 8: Chapter Thirty
Episode 7: Chapter Twenty-Nine
Episode 6: Chapter Twenty-Eight
Episode 5: Chapter Twenty-Seven
Episode 4: Chapter Twenty-Six
Episode 3: Chapter Twenty-Five
Episode 2: Chapter Twenty-Four
Episode 1: Chapter Twenty-Three
Episode 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
Episode 21: Chapter Twenty-One
Episode 20: Chapter Twenty
Episode 19: Chapter Nineteen
Episode 18: Chapter Eighteen
Episode 17: Chapter Seventeen
Episode 16: Chapter Sixteen
Episode 15: Chapter Fifteen
Episode 14: Chapter Fourteen
Episode 13: Chapter Thirteen
Episode 12: Chapter Twelve
Episode 11: Chapter Eleven
Episode 10: Chapter Ten
Episode 9: Chapter Nine
Episode 8: Chapter Eight
Episode 7: Chapter Seven
Episode 6: Chapter Six
Episode 5: Chapter Five
Episode 4: Chapter Four
Episode 3: Chapter Three
Episode 2: Chapter Two
Episode 1: Chapter One