Jamie's Super Food (2015)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Jamie's Super Food is an exciting new series where you can learn how to eat your way to a healthier life. Each week Jamie cooks up a day's worth of delicious meals - perfectly balanced plates of mouthwatering food that have all the good nutrition you need in a day. Read More



Episode 8: Magic Egg Breakfast and Smoky Veggie Chilli
Episode 7: Pancakes, Fish Fingers and Risotto
Episode 6: Chocolate Porridge and Super Greens Cannelloni
Episode 5: Crumble, Ravioli and Tomato Sauce
Episode 4: Balinese Curry and a Colourful Salad
Episode 3: Avocado, Fajitas and Beef Stew
Episode 2: Doughnuts, Mussels and Meatballs
Episode 1: Chicken Hot Pot with Korean kimchi
Episode 7: Pork and Apple and Asian Crispy Beef
Episode 5: Baked Eggs and Sizzling Prawns
Episode 4: Skinny Carbonara and Smoky Black Bean Stew
Episode 3: Kebabs, Tofu Burger and Salad
Episode 2: Pancakes, Tasty Fish Tacos and Chicken Cacciatore
Episode 1: Squash Daal with Fried Egg, and Griddled Steak