It Takes a Thief (2005) (2005)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Think your home is well protected? Ex-burglars Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas Rainey will prove you otherwise. Matt and Jon look for homes which would be targeted by thieves. When they find one, Jon goes off elsewhere while Matt tries to convince the homeowner to allow Jon to try to break in. If they say yes, Matt goes through the house and shows them their security flaws and learns a bit about how they approach security. Then, cameras are installed in every room of the house and the homeowners get a chance to completely lock up their house. They wait in the van and watch on TV as Jon breaks into their house and steals anything and everything he likes. After he leaves (usually in the homeowner's automobile), Matt takes them in to to see the damage. Jon returns to the "scene of the crime" and meets the homeowners. They review everything that was stolen and the cleaning crew puts it all back while a security watches over the Read More



Episode 40: Ladies of the Lake
Episode 39: Who Done It?
Episode 38: Peeping Jon
Episode 37: Gone in 60 Seconds
Episode 36: Reversal of Fortune
Episode 35: Safe Haven
Episode 34: Ambush Makeover
Episode 33: Dog Town and Thief Boys
Episode 32: Empty Nest
Episode 31: Speed Demons
Episode 30: Monster Movies
Episode 29: Swamp Thing
Episode 28: Now You See It, Now You Don't
Episode 27: Beach Hamlet Heist
Episode 26: Home Alone
Episode 25: Play Date
Episode 24: Vacation Time
Episode 23: Solid Gold
Episode 22: Security Sisters
Episode 21: Diamond in the Rough
Episode 20: McMansion
Episode 19: High Seas
Episode 18: B&B Break-in
Episode 17: I Love N.Y.
Episode 16: Dream Come True
Episode 15: Party Time
Episode 14: Generation Gap
Episode 13: Crookin' in the Dark
Episode 12: Bar Crawl
Episode 11: Crime Fighting Duo
Episode 10: Hectic House
Episode 9: Commuter Chaos
Episode 8: Girls Day Out
Episode 7: Par for the Course
Episode 6: Security Wild
Episode 5: See No Evil
Episode 4: Skating Away with Goods
Episode 3: Mayhem for the Moms
Episode 2: Station Break
Episode 1: Thrashin' and Trashin'
Episode 40: Theft on the Water
Episode 39: Jonny's Angels
Episode 38: Car Repair... or Robbery?
Episode 37: Shape Up or Ship Out
Episode 36: A Silent Robbery
Episode 35: Big Apple Break-In
Episode 34: Leave It to Grandma
Episode 33: Mi casa es su casa
Episode 32: Good Cop, Bad Cop
Episode 31: Party Crashers
Episode 30: Nighttime Is the Right Time
Episode 29: And Burglar Makes Four
Episode 28: Inherited Fortune
Episode 27: Collecting Bad Habits
Episode 26: Unlocking the Past
Episode 25: Wine, Dine and Dash
Episode 24: Bed and Break-Ins
Episode 23: Daddy's Little Girl
Episode 22: Security He Said/She Said
Episode 21: Special Assignment: Big Brother
Episode 20: Cops and Robbers
Episode 19: Open House
Episode 18: Shaking Up the Southern Comfort
Episode 17: Haven in the Hood
Episode 16: Diamond Dealer
Episode 15: Big Burglar on Campus
Episode 14: Thief and the Single Lady
Episode 13: Something Old, Something New
Episode 12: Little Women
Episode 11: Desperate Housewife
Episode 10: Reading, Writing and Robberies
Episode 9: Like Mother, Like Daughter
Episode 8: Grand Theft Autos
Episode 7: Three Women and a Burglar
Episode 6: The Great Harley Heist
Episode 5: Pinching the Painter
Episode 4: City Slickers
Episode 3: Mom Knows Best
Episode 2: Heist in the Suburbs
Episode 1: Bachelor Break-In