It Ain't Half Hot Mum (1974)


Genre: Comedy , War

Plot: The comic adventures of a group of misfits who form an extremely bad concert party touring the hot and steamy jungles of Burma entertaining the troops during World War II. Read More



Episode 7: The Last Roll Call
Episode 6: The Long Road Home
Episode 5: Never the Twain Shall Meet
Episode 4: The Last Warrior
Episode 3: Aquastars
Episode 2: Money Talks
Episode 1: Gloria's Finest Hour
Episode 6: Star Commandos
Episode 5: Class of 1945
Episode 4: The Great Broadcast
Episode 3: Dog in the Manger
Episode 2: The Guinea Pigs
Episode 1: That's Entertainment?
Episode 7: Caught Short
Episode 6: Holidays at Home
Episode 5: Lead Kindly Light
Episode 4: The Dhobi Wallahs
Episode 3: The Great Payroll Snatch
Episode 2: The Big League
Episode 1: The Stars Look Down
Episode 6: The Eternal Quadrangle
Episode 5: The Superstar
Episode 4: Puddings from Heaven
Episode 3: The Pay-Off
Episode 2: Bridge Over the River Hipong
Episode 1: Front Line Entertainers
Episode 8: Twenty-One Today
Episode 7: We Are Not Amused
Episode 6: Flight to Jawani
Episode 5: Lofty's Little Friend
Episode 4: Ticket to Blighty
Episode 3: A Fate Worse Than Death
Episode 2: Kidnapped in the Khyber
Episode 1: Monsoon Madness
Episode 6: Don't Take the Micky
Episode 5: Pale Hands I Love
Episode 4: The Grand Illusion
Episode 3: Bang Goes the Maharajah
Episode 2: Mind My Maharajah
Episode 1: The Supremo Show
Episode 8: The Night of the Thugs
Episode 7: Has Anyone Seen My Cobra?
Episode 6: Forbidden Fruits
Episode 5: The Curse of the Sadhu
Episode 4: Cabaret Time
Episode 3: The Natives Are Revolting
Episode 2: Down in the Jungle
Episode 1: Showing the Flag
Episode 8: The Inspector Calls
Episode 7: The Road to Bannu
Episode 6: It's a Wise Child
Episode 5: The Jungle Patrol
Episode 4: A Star Is Born
Episode 3: The Mutiny of the Punka Wallahs
Episode 2: My Lovely Boy
Episode 1: Meet the Gang