Ironside (1967)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Ironside is a Universal television series that ran on NBC from September 14, 1967 to January 16, 1975. The show starred Raymond Burr as a paraplegic Chief of Detectives, Robert T. Ironside. The character debuted on March 28, 1967 in a TV movie. When broadcast in the United Kingdom the show was initially titled A Man Called Ironside. The show earned Burr six Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations. A new television series having the same name, Ironside is currently under development and is scheduled to debut on October 2, 2013. Read More



Episode 19: The Organizer
Episode 18: A Matter of Life and Death
Episode 17: The Rolling Y
Episode 16: The Faded Image
Episode 15: The Return of Eleanor Rogers
Episode 14: The Visiting Fireman
Episode 13: Fall of an Angel
Episode 12: Speak No Evil
Episode 11: The Over-the-Hill Blues
Episode 10: Far Side of the Fence
Episode 9: Act of Vengeance
Episode 8: Run Scared
Episode 7: The Lost Cotillion
Episode 6: Set Up: Danger!
Episode 5: Cross Doublecross
Episode 4: Trial by Terror
Episode 3: What's New with Mark?
Episode 2: Raise the Devil (2)
Episode 1: Raise the Devil (1)
Episode 25: Amy Prentiss: AKA The Chief (2)
Episode 24: Amy Prentiss: AKA The Chief (1)
Episode 23: Riddle at 24,000
Episode 22: Come Eleven, Come Twelve
Episode 21: Close to the Heart
Episode 20: A Death in Academe
Episode 19: A Taste of Ashes
Episode 18: Class of '40
Episode 17: Terror on Grant Avenue
Episode 16: Once More for Joey
Episode 15: Two Hundred Large
Episode 14: Friend or Foe (aka For the Love of God)
Episode 13: The Last Payment
Episode 12: The Double-Edged Corner
Episode 11: The Hidden Man
Episode 10: Mind for Murder
Episode 9: Downhill All the Way (2)
Episode 8: Downhill All the Way (1)
Episode 7: The Helping Hand
Episode 6: House of Terror
Episode 5: The Armageddon Gang
Episode 4: Fragile Is the House of Cards
Episode 3: In the Forests of the Night
Episode 2: Murder by One
Episode 1: Confessions from a Lady of the Night
Episode 26: Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us
Episode 25: Little Dog, Gone
Episode 24: Good Will Tour
Episode 23: Little Jerry Jessup
Episode 22: Warrior's Return
Episode 21: One Hour to Kill
Episode 20: Ransom
Episode 19: Return to Fiji
Episode 18: The Wrong Time, the Wrong Place
Episode 17: Eden Is the Place We Leave
Episode 16: Beware the Wiles of the Stranger
Episode 15: Dora
Episode 14: Stolen on Demand
Episode 13: Beyond a Shadow
Episode 12: L'Chayim
Episode 11: Five Miles High
Episode 10: Programmed for Danger
Episode 9: The Machismo Bag
Episode 8: Seeing Is Believing
Episode 7: Love My Enemy
Episode 6: A Bullet for Mark
Episode 5: Eye of the Hurricane
Episode 4: Poole's Paradise
Episode 3: Goodbye to Yesterday (2)
Episode 2: Goodbye to Yesterday (1)
Episode 1: Alias Mr. Braithwaite
Episode 28: Due Process of the Law
Episode 27: Trip to Hashbury
Episode 26: Officer Bobby
Episode 25: Perfect Crime
Episode 24: Barbara Who
Episode 23: Something for Nothing
Episode 22: All in a Day's Work
Episode 21: The Challenge
Episode 20: The Lonely Hostage
Episode 19: To Kill a Cop
Episode 18: Memory of an Ice Cream Stick
Episode 17: Force of Arms
Episode 16: The Fourteenth Runner
Episode 15: Girl in the Night
Episode 14: The Past Is Prologue
Episode 13: A Very Cool Hot Car
Episode 12: The Man Who Believed
Episode 11: The Monster of Comus Towers
Episode 10: Light at the End of the Journey
Episode 9: Let My Brother Go
Episode 8: Tagged for Murder
Episode 7: An Inside Job
Episode 6: The Taker
Episode 5: Eat, Drink and Be Buried
Episode 4: Dead Man's Tale
Episode 3: The Leaf in the Forest
Episode 2: Message from Beyond
Episode 1: Ironside