Inspector Gadget (2015) (2015)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: After being missing for years, Dr. Claw is revived by his nephew, Talon, with designs of conquest once again. In response, HQ calls Inspector Gadget out of retirement to face this menace. Fortunately, his niece, Penny, and his dog, Brain, are also able to help him once again. However, they are now official junior partners who can operate in the open at last, which is all the better considering the Inspector is just as clueless as ever. Read More



Episode 41: Episode 41
Episode 39: Episode 39
Episode 37: Episode 37
Episode 35: Episode 35
Episode 33: Episode 33
Episode 31: Ice Ice Yeti
Episode 29: Mind Over MADder
Episode 27: Head Case
Episode 25: My Gadget Will Go On
Episode 23: Collider Scope
Episode 21: MAD Carpet Ride
Episode 19: A Hole in One
Episode 17: You Know the Drill
Episode 15: Diamonds Are a MAD's Best Friend
Episode 13: Gadget's Da Bomb
Episode 11: Sucks Like MAD
Episode 9: Dog Show Days Are Over
Episode 7: A Better Class of MAD
Episode 5: Rock Out
Episode 3: Towering Towers
Episode 1: Gadget 2.0 (1)