Inside Nature's Giants (2009)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Inside Nature's Giants is a British science documentary, first broadcast in June 2009 by Channel 4. The documentary shows experts performing dissection on some of nature's largest animals, including whales and elephants. The programme is presented by Mark Evans. The series attempts to uncover the secrets of the animals examined. Mark is assisted by evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins and Simon Watt, and comparative anatomist Joy Reidenberg. The show is currently airing on PBS in the United States and repeats are currently airing on Eden and Watch in the UK. There is an iPad application that allows you to see every animal the show have worked on close up. Read More



Episode 3: Jungle Special
Episode 2: Kangaroo
Episode 1: Hippo
Episode 4: Racehorse
Episode 3: The Leatherback Turtle
Episode 2: Dinosaur Bird
Episode 1: Camel
Episode 3: The Big Cats
Episode 2: Monster Python
Episode 1: Great White Shark
Episode 4: The Giraffe
Episode 3: The Crocodile
Episode 2: The Whale
Episode 1: Elephant