I'm Sorry (2017)


Plot: Andrea is a seemingly confident comedy writer, wife and mom, who comically exposes her inner immaturity and neuroses through unexpected life situations. Read More



Episode 10: New York vs. LA
Episode 9: Miss Diana Ross
Episode 8: Sophie's Choice
Episode 7: Little Louse on the Prairie
Episode 6: The Small of My Back
Episode 5: Extra Boobs
Episode 4: Couple's Massage
Episode 3: Barbara T. Warren
Episode 2: These Are My Fingers
Episode 1: Quietly Bleeding
Episode 10: Off the Charts
Episode 9: Weekend Alone
Episode 8: Butt Bumpers
Episode 7: Divorce Fantasy
Episode 6: Too Slow
Episode 5: Acts of Service
Episode 4: Goddess Party
Episode 3: Ass Cubes
Episode 2: Racist Daughter
Episode 1: Pilot