Idoly Pride (2021)


Genre: Animation , Drama , Fantasy , Music

Plot: After a successful audition, high school student Kotono Nagase and her best friend move into a dorm with eight other aspiring idols. They quickly realize it takes more than cute choreography and cute outfits to reach the top—it will take blood, sweat, and tears to advance in the idol-ranking VENUS program, where the top spot is held by superstar Mana Nagase... who happens to be Kotono’s older sister. Read More



Episode 12: The Story That Begins With Goodbye
Episode 11: Burn the Sound of Life
Episode 10: A Place That Cannot Be Reached Alone
Episode 9: Embrace the Courage You've Been Given
Episode 8: You're Good Just the Way You Are
Episode 7: Shining Smile
Episode 6: For a Precious Stage
Episode 5: Separate Lights, One Feeling
Episode 4: Turn Up the Volume Higher and Higher
Episode 3: Everyone's Looking for the Answer
Episode 2: The Reason We Stand Here
Episode 1: From This First Step