Ice Road Truckers (2007)


Genre: Documentary , Adventure , Reality-tv

Plot: During the harsh winter of Canada's Northwest Territory, remote villages and work camps are cut off from the world. To keep them supplied, a tenacious group of long-haul truckers drive their rigs over hundreds of miles on ice roads cut across the surface of frozen lakes. Sometimes the ice cannot support the heavy rig, and driver and cargo plunge through the ice and sink to the bottom. Hitch a risky ride along with the Ice Road Truckers as they drive headlong into bone-chilling danger. Read More



Episode 10: One Last Lick
Episode 9: Double Trouble
Episode 8: The Big Skid
Episode 7: Of Ice and Men
Episode 6: A Bridge Too Far
Episode 5: The Son Rises
Episode 4: Meltdown Blues
Episode 3: Helter Melter
Episode 2: Jackknife Jeopardy
Episode 1: The Ice is Right
Episode 10: The Final Ride
Episode 9: The Convoy
Episode 8: Hell Nino
Episode 7: Into the Fire
Episode 6: Bridge to Nowhere
Episode 5: The Rookie
Episode 4: Trial By Ice
Episode 3: Breakdown
Episode 2: Feeling the Heat
Episode 1: Against All Odds
Episode 10: Icy Alliance
Episode 9: Hell Freezes Over
Episode 8: Mother Nature Scorned
Episode 7: The Art Of Survival
Episode 6: Break On Through
Episode 5: Power Trip
Episode 4: New Cold Blood
Episode 3: Trail Blazers
Episode 2: Icy Grave
Episode 1: Crossing Enemy Lines
Episode 12: World's End
Episode 11: Journey to the End of the Earth
Episode 10: Icing on the Lake
Episode 9: Flirtin' with Disaster
Episode 8: Highway to Hell
Episode 7: Blazing the Trail
Episode 6: The Lone Wolf
Episode 5: The Storm Troopers
Episode 4: Snow Bound
Episode 3: Into the Vortex
Episode 2: Rushin' Roulette
Episode 1: The Gathering Storm
Episode 12: Winter Takes All
Episode 11: The Wrecking Crew
Episode 10: Jagged Little Hill
Episode 9: Haul of the Wild
Episode 8: Art Of War
Episode 7: Load Rules
Episode 6: Hail to the King
Episode 5: World War Hugh
Episode 4: Ice Rodeo
Episode 3: Fear the Crack
Episode 2: Art Attack
Episode 1: Collision Course
Episode 16: The Final Showdown
Episode 15: Race the Melt
Episode 14: Chopping Block
Episode 13: Cold-Blooded
Episode 12: Battle Lines
Episode 11: Hurricane Alley
Episode 10: Stacking the Deck
Episode 9: Braking Bad
Episode 8: Proving Ground
Episode 7: Hard Road Ahead
Episode 6: Blood, Sweat, and Gears
Episode 5: Desperate Measures
Episode 4: No Way Out
Episode 3: Hammer Down
Episode 2: Sink or Swim
Episode 1: Aces and Jokers
Episode 16: The Last Dash
Episode 15: Judgement Day
Episode 14: The Heat is On
Episode 13: Ice Rogue Trucker
Episode 12: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Episode 11: Hittin' the Skids
Episode 10: Rookie Rebellion
Episode 9: Road to Nowhere
Episode 8: Meltdown!
Episode 7: A Banged-Up Job
Episode 6: The Braking Point
Episode 5: Under the Hammer
Episode 4: Fire on Ice
Episode 3: Wrong Turn & Burned
Episode 2: Ice Road Rage
Episode 1: Pushing the Edge
Episode 16: New King of the Dalton
Episode 15: Deadly Melt
Episode 14: A Legend Meets His End
Episode 13: Convoy to Hell
Episode 12: The Dalton Strikes Back
Episode 11: A Rookie's Nightmare
Episode 10: The Ace vs. The Ice
Episode 9: Blood on the Dalton
Episode 8: Lisa's Monster Megahaul
Episode 7: Avalanche!
Episode 6: Danger at 55 Below
Episode 5: Trapped on Thin Ice
Episode 4: Monster Storm Over Atigun
Episode 3: Facing Down the Blow
Episode 2: The Polar Bear Returns
Episode 1: Breaking Through
Episode 13: Arctic Thaw
Episode 12: Race for the Finish
Episode 11: Busted Parts & Breakdowns
Episode 10: Ocean Run
Episode 9: Turn and Burn
Episode 8: Killer Pass
Episode 7: Wicked Weather
Episode 6: Arctic Ice
Episode 5: Accident Alley
Episode 4: Blinding Whiteout
Episode 3: Canadian Invasion
Episode 2: Rookie Run
Episode 1: Deadliest Ice Road
Episode 13: The World Crumbles
Episode 12: The Big Thaw
Episode 11: Man vs. Ice
Episode 10: Highway Maggots
Episode 9: A Rookie Fumbles
Episode 8: A Trucker's Farewell
Episode 7: Man Down
Episode 6: Hundred Ton Haul
Episode 5: Lost On The Ice
Episode 4: Arctic Whiteout
Episode 3: The Big Blizzard
Episode 2: Mechanical Mayhem
Episode 1: Edge of the Earth
Episode 10: The Final Run
Episode 9: The Big Melt
Episode 8: Into the Whiteout
Episode 7: The Rookie Challenge
Episode 6: Driving on Thin Ice
Episode 5: Midseason Mayhem
Episode 4: The Big Chill
Episode 3: Dash for the Cash
Episode 2: Destination: Diamond Mine
Episode 1: Ready to Roll