Ice Road Rescue (2015)


Genre: Documentary , Reality-tv

Plot: The mountain passes of Norway are some of the most dangerous roads in all of Europe. And when winter hits, the transport roads turn into treacherous bobsleigh tracks with trucks and cars skidding and sliding everywhere, blocking vital trade routes and in extreme cases, causing fatal accidents. But never fear, up and down Norway there are brigades of brave rescue workers, who work around the clock to keep the roads safe and open. It takes a special breed of men to pull off the perfect ‘Ice Road Rescue’...from a driver smuggling nappies (of all things!) out of Norway, to a truck in trouble full of fresh fish threatening to go bad – the rescue teams of Norway have their work cut out in this nail-biting new series! Read More



Episode 8: Tough At The Top
Episode 7: Moonlight Mayhem
Episode 6: Gridlock Hazard
Episode 5: Black Ice Battle
Episode 4: Landslide Lottery
Episode 3: Risk On The Rocks
Episode 2: Rookie Challenge
Episode 1: Who's Boss?
Episode 8: Captain Chaos
Episode 7: The Gallows
Episode 6: In the Woods
Episode 5: Fish Frenzy
Episode 4: Toxic Cargo
Episode 3: Chains of Chaos
Episode 2: Let It Snow
Episode 1: Freak Weather
Episode 9: Edge of Disaster
Episode 8: Mean Machine
Episode 7: River Deep
Episode 6: In the Family
Episode 5: Fishy Business
Episode 4: Into the Night
Episode 3: Mountain Road Mania
Episode 2: Bad Day at the Gallows
Episode 1: Forces of Nature
Episode 10: Winter's End
Episode 9: Deadly Drops
Episode 8: Edge Of Disaster
Episode 7: Military Mayhem
Episode 6: Storm Chaos Mountain
Episode 5: Winter Woes
Episode 4: Crime Scene Rescue
Episode 3: Ferry Go Round
Episode 2: Big Freeze
Episode 1: Danger On Death Hill
Episode 10: Extreme Rescues
Episode 9: Fishy Business
Episode 8: The Night Shift
Episode 7: Stuck Trucks
Episode 6: Into the Woods
Episode 5: Black Ice
Episode 4: Beggars Can’t be Chooser
Episode 3: Fire and Ice
Episode 2: Crazy People
Episode 1: Feast or Famine