I (Almost) Got Away With It (2010)


Genre: Documentary , Crime , Mystery

Plot: I (Almost) Got Away With It is an American documentary television series on Investigation Discovery. The series debuted on January 12, 2010. The series features true stories of people who committed crimes, then attempted to escape arrest but eventually got caught. While on the run, the fugitives do anything from robbing gas stations to stealing Crystal Gayle's tour bus. veiwers can also view the first and second season on Netflix Many outdoor scenes in this series are filmed on Treasure Island in San Francisco, in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Read More



Episode 9: Got to Be Part of the Pittsburgh Six
Episode 13: Got 9th Place
Episode 12: Got a Family Coming After Me
Episode 11: Got a Death Certificate
Episode 10: Got to Fetch a Hooker
Episode 9: Got to Lock and Load
Episode 8: Got Shot Above a Deli
Episode 7: Got a Lot of Pot
Episode 6: Got Raps
Episode 5: Got Plastic Surgery
Episode 4: Got Caught Via Email
Episode 3: Got A Dead Man's ID
Episode 2: Got to Roll the Dice
Episode 1: Got Caught By A Cougar
Episode 13: Got To Get Bike Parts
Episode 12: Got a Gun Made of Toilet Paper
Episode 11: Got to Go to Canada
Episode 10: Got to Rob Banks
Episode 9: Got Revenge
Episode 8: Got to Sing Karaoke
Episode 7: Got Caught In The Shower
Episode 6: Got the Wrong 4 People Killed
Episode 5: Got Two Homes In Mexico
Episode 4: Got a Video Rental Store
Episode 3: Got No Fingerprints
Episode 2: Got Dumped
Episode 1: Got Remarried