Hyperdrive (2006)


Genre: Comedy , Sci-fi

Plot: Sci-fi comedy (in the same vein as 'Red Dwarf') set in the year 2151 following the adventures of HMS Camden Lock as it looks after British interests in an ever-expanding galaxy. Nick Frost stars as Commander Michael Henderson tasked with, among other things, encouraging aliens to locate their businesses in Peterborough and to take their holidays in the Lake District. His mixed bag crew consists of brilliant tactician but borderline-psychopath First Officer York; Diplomatic Officer Chloe Teal who has a secret crush on Henderson; Technical Officer Jeffers who hates York and makes note on his mistakes; quiet Navigator Vine; and an Enhanced Human, Sandstrom, who pilots the ship. Read More



Episode 6: Convoy
Episode 5: Dreamgate
Episode 4: Harvest
Episode 3: Admiral's Daughter
Episode 2: Artefact
Episode 1: Green Javelins
Episode 6: Assessment
Episode 5: Clare
Episode 4: Asteroid
Episode 3: Weekend Off
Episode 2: Hello, Queppu
Episode 1: A Gift from the Glish