Hunting Hitler (2015)


Genre: Documentary , History

Plot: According to documents that were declassified by the FBI in 2014, Adolf Hitler may have survived World War II and fled to South America following the fall of Nazi Germany. In this series a team of investigators -- led by 21-year CIA veteran Bob Baer and war crimes investigator John Cencich -- undertakes a definitive search with the goal of finding out whether the notorious dictator actually survived the war and pulled off one of history's greatest disappearing acts. The team uncovers a mysterious Nazi lair in the Argentinean jungle and searches for evidence of a missing U-boat that may have transported Hitler out of Europe as Germany collapsed. Read More



Episode 8: Hitler's Last Will
Episode 7: Target: United States
Episode 6: Lurking Beneath The Surface
Episode 5: Dead Drops
Episode 4: 150 Feet Below
Episode 3: Nuclear Nazi Weapons
Episode 2: Clandestine Cache
Episode 1: The Final Hunt Begins
Episode 8: Nazi Colony
Episode 7: Unmarked Grave
Episode 6: The Secret Island
Episode 5: The Factory
Episode 4: The Web
Episode 3: Eyewitness Accounts
Episode 2: The Compound
Episode 1: The Hunt Continues
Episode 8: Hitler's Plane
Episode 7: Friends in High Places
Episode 6: Hitler's Safehouse
Episode 5: Ratlines
Episode 4: The Tunnel
Episode 3: Escape from Berlin
Episode 2: Secret Nazi Lair
Episode 1: The Hunt Begins